Music video premiere: favorite customer by Janna Pelle

Janna Pelle

Janna Pelle released Key Change on April 9, 2016, a concept album illustrating the evolution of the keyboard instrument from harpsichord to synthesizer.

Janna PelleWith each track on the album performed with a different keyboard instrument (i.e., harpsichord, harmonium, Wurlitzer), Pelle demonstrates the timelessness of pop music. She was inspired by David Byrne’s book, “How Music Works,” one of the main focuses of the book being on how music has changed through history due to the spaces it is designed to be performed in.

“Favorite Customer” is the second video from the new album, featuring surreal images and a hospital location.

Romeo’s Steals and Deals, a Ricky’s Outlet store has entered into an exclusive collaboration featuring local NYC musician & performance artist Janna Pelle. This collaboration will enhance the cool city vibe of Ricky’s while bringing Janna’s music and personality to a wider audience.

Listen to Key Change on Spotify:

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