Multi-Tasking: New ways to use your favourite products

makeup products

Looking to save time and make your favorite makeup products work harder? Find out innovative new ways you can use makeup products.

The first time I ever heard anyone talk about making beauty products work double duty was behind the scenes at fashion week.

The head makeup artist scanned the room filled with tall gangly models and started laying out a handful of products. I did a double take when I counted only five things.

She gave me a wink and said “Watch and learn,” as a parade of models lined up waiting to be madeup.

Within a short time in her chair, each girl had her skin primped primed and made to appear flawless. Along with the addition of glowing cheeks.

Read below to find out the insider secrets used by top makeup artists:

Lip gloss as Highlighter:

Sheen in a bottle – lip gloss can double up as highlighter. Just apply a dab to the high points of your cheek bones. Applied over blush – this technique brings attention to your cheek bones and looks super natural at the same time.

Mascara as Eyeliner:

Two minutes before your curtain call and you’ve realized you’ve run out of liquid eyeliner? Never fear – this trick will save you. Use a small pointy brush and your mascara wand. Simply roll your mascara wand over a clean palette and then use your brush to apply the black liquid along your lash line

Bronzer – the Ultimate Must Have for Multi Tasking:

Keep your skin looking sun kissed all year around with bronzer. However, don’t be fooled, this powder can be highly versatile as well.

In a pinch bronzer can be applied to your eye lids to double as eye shadow. Or my favourite trick for it you want a nude lip colour – mix the loose powder with lip gloss and apply to your lips for a one of a kind lipgloss.

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