Multi-talented Artist Clint Maedgen  

Clint Maedgen

Louisiana-based creative Clint Maedgen believes art is the ultimate healing force. His artistic talent includes filmmaking, photography, and performing, and he’s also a textile artist. He started his career 25 years ago in New Orleans. He’s known for playing around with comedic skits and short films with The New Orleans Bingo! Show (2001-2012).

Understanding the chaos in the world

There’s a lot going on in the world and Clint Maedgen finds his inspiration in the world around us. His music is a reflection of that. With his latest single, Sandra Already Knows, featuring Tif Lamson and Rick Nelson, he created a pop-rock tunes song with a great background vocal and drums. 

Art and music combined

Art and music both evoke emotions, so why not do both? Clint Maedgen solo show in Asbury Park combined his fine art photography with music. Because of his talent, he knows how to bring music and art together, and the public enjoyed the show immensely. When music and art are combined, a beautiful playlist emerges. 

 Covid-inspired shows 

With his progressive music, he enjoys challenging his audience, and he shares his music with his worldwide audience online. A blend of Hollywood Squares meets Austin City Limits, Maedgen produced weekly episodes online, along with private concerts. This gives his fans the opportunity to stay involved. And at the same time, he makes a quality living by earning currency through nurturing connections through his Patreon page. 

Upcoming work 

His upcoming single in October is called Eli and the Sugar Static. That will be available on Spotify. You can also check out his fine art photography and French Quarter Doorbell Throw Pillows. 

Visit Spotify:

Clint Maedgen Fine Art Photography

French Quarter Doorbell Throw Pillows

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