Most In-Demand Technology for the Home

There probably isn’t a home in the United States that doesn’t have at least one bit of technology and as time goes on and technology advances, more and more high-tech devices are becoming available at affordable prices. If you are among those who have been wondering what technology is most in demand in today’s homes you are not alone. Even so, some are more obvious than others while you just might be surprised at some of the favorites!

Laptops, PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones

Few people can be seen without some form of internet connectivity on hand. Whether it is a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone, most Americans spend more than 11 hours a day with electric media of some sort. That figure is astonishing to many and one that is still hard to internalize. It has only been within recent years that so many people have such wide access to the internet, and with growing numbers able to access the web through a broad range of devices, the numbers are continually rising. Even those in rural areas without cable services can access the internet through satellite providers like Hughes Net Internet.

Gaming Systems

Gaming isn’t what it was in days gone by. Now players can play with others around the globe in real time because of the rapidity of the spread of Internet access. While just a few short years ago players had to sit in a room together with their controllers. Now they still sit there with those same controllers but their gaming partners are located around the globe. That’s pretty amazing!

Smart Controls for Home Appliances

Then there are smart controls for household appliances that are so much in demand. There are controllers for everything from thermostat control to water pressure in showers. In fact, when it comes to water pressure and temperature in bathrooms, it is now possible to set up your water supply to be available to each member at a given time so that there is never a squabble over who gets the bath when and of course if you spread them accordingly water can be hot again before the next person steps in the bath.

Flat Screen Televisions

Now then, what would a good gaming system be without a large flat screen television mounted to the wall in your room or the family room? Even non-gamers are seen accessing the internet for things like Netflix and other online programming that is viewed much better on large screens. What is a home without a flat screen mounted on the wall in the living room or family room?

With the advances in technology happening at what seems like the speed of light, it is possible that even this list will have changed within the coming year. The next big push will probably be for affordable 3D printers

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