Morganite Jewelry Vs Uvarovite Jewelry: Which Suits Best for you?

As a gemstone jewelry fan, you may find it difficult to choose between the divine and brilliant hues of morganite jewelry and the mysterious and eye-captivating beauty of uvarovite jewelry.

The greatest way to ensure that you make the most productive choice for yourself is to completely examine each and every criteria that comes under the vision.

So, let’s have a look at the difference between morganite jewelry and uvarovite jewelry to help you make the best and most convenient decision for yourself.

Which is better for you: Morganite or Uvarovite jewelry?



Belonging to the beryl family, you will mostly find morganite jewelry, like that glittering and sizzling morganite ring in pink to peach hue.

Further, this pink hue can range from being pale pink to peach, salmon, or in rare cases, a royal and classy violet pink.

Its quite common to came across pieces of morganite jewelry that could lend an intense or moderately pale pink colour, even after being of the same weight and grade. However, this slight to moderately high variation in the intensity of the colour is basically due to the amount of manganese or cesium present in the morganite.

Being quite a versatile stone, Morganite Jewelry is usually complimented with plethora of metals like different varieties of gold such as white gold, rose gold as well as the most precious yellow gold. In such cases, the colour of the metal can also leave a lasting impact upon the overall colouration as well as the elegance of the morganite jewelry.

The most favourite combo you could have can be paring a morganite pendant with a rose gold jewelry.

And the cherry on the cake is that, morganite jewelry covers for a wide variety of skin tones. Yet another reason to add this glamorous stone to your jewelry collection.


Quite popular as a gemstone jewelry, uvarovite jewelry is usually treasured for three eye-captivating factors. These includes its unique appearance, rarity as well as its alluring and cheerful colour range.

The alluring hue in that uvarovite pendant or that shimmering uvarovite necklace is usually a distinctive and luminous green colour.

From a deep to forest green to a bright lime green, the intensity of the shade would be shade would usually be determined by the quality of the stone as well as lightening conditions under which it is being viewed.

To enhance the beauty of your stylish and sizzling uvarovite jewelry, consider pairing it with a precious jewelry like diamond, sapphire as well as ruby. The shimmering and the mundane green colour of uvarovite jewelry would display 10x beauty when paired with such jewels.


2. Clarity

A beryl mineral, the cut as well as the appearance of inclusions and imperfections in the stone usually determines the clarity of the stone, ranging from being completely transparent to semi-translucent.

Crystal-clear morganite jewelry, like that morganite necklace with an elegant hue, can be comparatively transparent with negligible inclusions of impurities. As compared to other similar graded stones like aquamarine and emerald, the transparent beauty of Morganite Ring can be more brightening and stunning.

On the other hand, the pieces with a translucent appearance can have a slight degree of inclusions. Besides, they also allow the light to pass through them, giving a heavenly and glowing look the wearer’s attire.


On the other hand, the bright green uvarovite jewelry can lend you a clarity that could range from being transparent to translucent to even opaque. Usually depends upon the crystal as well as the quality of the stone.

In general terms, higher the transparency, lesser would be the interference by the inclusions and impurities within the crystal. Apparently, the one with a transparent surface would lend a marvellous and mystic appearance.


3. Durability


Morganite jewelry, with a commendable score of almost 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, can let you get a sigh of relief as at least a slight bang here and there would not result in a moderate to severe damage to the stone. However, beware that even such a satiating score doesn’t mean that your morganite earrings would be completely invincible to breakage or scratch.


Well, as far as uvarovite’s hardness is concerned, it falls behind just a few points from morganite jewelry with an average score of around 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

However, that calls for some extra care and concern while taking care of that sizzling pair of uvarovite earrings and uvarovite ring.


In a nutshell, both the gems need to be thoroughly looked after in order to ensure that they lend long-lasting beauty and unparalleled elegance.



4. Lustre


With a vitreous to glassy lustre, morganite jewelry lends a shiny and reflective beauty that resembles to that of a glass.


Further, on being cut and polished, this crystal-clear beauty and that sizzling lustre of morganite jewelry gets multi-fold.

Alike the former, Uvarovite Jewelry too comes up with a vitreous to glassy lustre.



5. Price


Morganite typically costs between $100 and $300 per carat. On average, the stone costs one-tenth the price of a diamond by weight.


Uvarovite jewelry too, is quite affordable and pocket-friendly alike morganite jewelry. Average cost-price range around $135 for every caret.


Happy Shopping!


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