MORE than just a useful device… each beautifully crafted ORSTO Analog SmartWatch is a unique British designed Work of Art

In most people’s minds a wrist watch is not just a tool, it is a piece of jewellery and fashion item or fashion statement. ORSTO Analog SmartWatches are an intelligent smart tool within a beautifully crafted, desirable and fashionable British traditional watch. British company Orsto Ltd are disrupting the wrist watch and wearable technology industry with their new range of premium Analog Smartwatches.  ORSTO have just launched their GB101 and GB201 British Analog SmartWatches, which are a sophisticated hybrid of a traditional quartz watch, a fitness/sports watch, and a smartwatch. This unique fusion of traditional horology and smart technology flies in the face of the current trend for smartphone manufacturers bringing to market mass produced relatively low cost touch screen smartwatches.

Over the next 2 months ORSTO are rolling out 16 desirable British beautifully designed and crafted Analog Smartwatch models. ORSTO have been designing and developing smartwatches for a few years now and have unrivalled R&D experience of wrist based wearables which includes: simple (no display) Tracking devices, Quartz analog watches, Bluetooth (touch screen) smartwatches and Android stand-alone (touch screen) smartwatches.

It’s no surprise really that this new breed of hybrid watches should originate from ORSTO who have such substantial R&D knowledge and expertise, which includes 5 year’s of every day ‘real world’ testing of many different types of wrist watches and wearable technology. Headed by Paul Gill 53 who is a respected design engineer with 36 years industry experience, ORSTO have the added advantage of being based in Great Britain with its enviable and proud history of timepiece (watch and clock) manufacturing dating back to the early 1800’s.

Each ORSTO Analog Smartwatch model is designed and built to look, feel and function as a high end British traditional wrist watch, but, with the convenience and benefits of having outstanding smart functionality if, or when you need it. The ORSTO designers based in Durham, England, UK who were tasked with creating desirable hybrid watches with the perfect balance of classicism & modernity, have certainly surpassed their brief and have creating what ORSTO proudly describe as ‘exquisite British iconic designs with timeless appeal’. ORSTO have created 4 ranges of remarkable wrist watches that they believe is the future of smart wearable technology, for serious and savvy wrist watch wearers. The CONTEMPORARY 100 Range, the CLASSIC 200 Range, the NAVIGATION 300 Range and the DIVER 400 Range.

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