Modern Spanish style interior design tips

modern Spanish style interior design

If the weather doesn’t cooperate during the winter, there are two things you can do; either you retreat to the fireplace with a nice book, or you decide to fully prepare yourself for that long, wonderful summer that will surely come. I usually go for the former. But because the temperatures are so miserable and I can’t wait for that little bit of sun, I decide to get my house completely in summer mood: a modern Spanish style interior design. 

Spanish style interior design

It wasn’t that long ago that I first went to Spain, just for a few days’ holiday. From the moment I stepped off the plane looking for the taxi I was hooked. The palm trees, the Mediterranean appearance, the mild temperature, the hasta manana atmosphere; it was like coming home. The final push came when I discovered the lemon trees, fig trees and olive trees in the garden. What natural wealth and beauty. When I think of summer, the wonderful smells and colors of Spain always come to mind. So when I decorate my house for summer, I cannot ignore the Spanish influences.

Tip: Include some carved wooden elements in your interior or exterior to create Spanish vibe.

modern Spanish style interior design

Terracotta and white

Typical Spanish colors are terracotta and white. Most houses consist of these colors, because they block out the sun well in the summer. A beautiful sight; all those white and terracotta houses among the green palm trees. In addition, terracotta, the traditional color of the earth, is also used for tableware, pots and tiles. Cool in combination with white and old wood! You can find some great terracotta products here.

Old and authentic

In Spain it is the most normal thing in the world, authentic and weathered materials. In Spain it can’t be old enough; old wood, sturdy terracotta pots, picturesque old shutters, authentic support beams in the ceiling. The houses here are completely furnished for life and the connection with the outside; light and sober, with many natural materials and colors. Each house is traditionally equipped with old shutters. This makes sense when you consider that the summers here can be quite hot. In winter or on cooler days, the fireplace or wood stove is turned on. Every Spaniard adapts flawlessly to what the weather gods give him.

Lemon tree in the house

Lemons can be found everywhere on the Mediterranean coast. In the wild or in the gardens; the lemon is, next to the olives, the most acclaimed symbol of the Mediterranean. You can easily bring the Mediterranean atmosphere into your home by placing a small lemon tree in a terracotta pot on your countertop. A cool eye-catcher and also practical; You no longer have to go to the greengrocer for your lemons. By the way, a special website about the lemon has even been created; Here you will find the most beautiful products, recipes, health tips and locations with a link to Italy.

Tapas tableware for modern Spanish style interior design

Not a summer goes by without us eating tapas a few times. This typical Spanish snack dish is delicious during the hot summer days when you don’t feel like cooking extensively. Just like in Spain, our meal is a real family affair where everyone can sit down and enjoy. There are hours of drinks, chatting and intense discussions. To complete the atmosphere, I bought a real Spanish tapas set; a terracotta tableware, with a beautiful hand-painted inside. A feast on the table!

Spanish tiles

Do you know those cool handmade red screeds? Come from Spain, among others! Small family businesses traditionally produce the beautiful red tiles for use in the home. By treating the tiles with oxane oil, a glossy protective layer is applied. This layer protects the tiles against dirt and damage. Are you going to move? Then consider using the screeds in your kitchen or hallway. The terracotta color provides a cozy Mediterranean warmth and the sturdy protective layer makes them maintenance-free.
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Outdoor living

Life in Spain mainly takes place outdoors. The summers are warm and the winters mild. Every house is therefore equipped with a balcony, garden or large veranda. The mild temperature ensures that this is a paradise of natural fruit and nut trees; lemons hang wild, olive groves pop up everywhere and pineapples are dirt cheap here because of the large selection. Each Spanish garden has a large barbecue and outdoor kitchen, which are used almost daily in the summer. This way we experience Spain in our own backyard every summer.

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