Modern Security Technology Your Home Needs

Want to prevent intruders from breaking into your home? A few pieces of modern technology could help to make your home burglar-proof. Below are just some of the modern security technology solutions every home can benefit from.

Smart locks

Smart locks are an alternative to traditional mechanical locks. Instead of using a key, they can be opened with a PIN pad or app on your phone. As a result, they cannot be easily picked like a standard lock. Of course, it’s possible to combine these locks with traditional locks for a greater level of security.

Apartment smart locks are very popular and can sometimes be used as an alternative to having a spare key. Because such locks can be controlled via an app, you can also easily grant access to family or friends. There are a few drawbacks of smart locks to consider: most are battery operated and you need to be aware of when the battery runs out, plus there is a risk of them being hacked. However, they are typically a lot more secure and reliable than traditional locks.

Video doorbells

Installing a video camera outside your property can allow you to capture footage of any potential intruders as well as helping you to monitor your home when you’re not there. However, there’s no need to install a bulky and unwelcoming CCTV camera – video doorbells are much more subtle and just as effective. These doorbells link up to an app on your phone that allows you to view the camera at any time from any location. You also get an alert on your phone every time someone presses the doorbell, plus you can directly talk to people through the doorbell via your phone, allowing you to direct people as to where to leave deliveries or interrogate people who may be acting suspicious.

All in all, you have control to monitor your home from anywhere, plus you’re able to capture any crime that may occur outside your home on video. Just be wary that such cameras won’t be able to capture anything outside of the scope of your front door – you cannot move the camera as you can with some security cameras.

Smart alarms

A smart burglar alarm can trigger an alert on your phone every time someone opens a door or window. This could be useful for alerting you of a break in if you are away from home and have not granted access to anyone else. Combined with a video doorbell or camera, you may be able to monitor the source of the break-in to check that it isn’t someone you know.

Smart alarm systems are a useful deterrent in areas with a high rate of burglary. Consider the fact that there may be lots of false alarms if you have a large household of people constantly coming in and out of your home.

Motion-sensing lighting

Last but not least, it could be worth installing some motion-sensing lighting outside your home. Burglars typically break into poorly lit homes at night because it’s easier to break in undetected by neighbors or passers-by. External lighting outside your home will put off many burglars. By choosing motion-sensing lighting, you can conserve energy by only illuminating your home when someone is outside.

Such lighting can of course have other uses such as guiding guests to the door in the evening or helping you find your keys at night. Make sure to replace the battery or bulb if it dies.

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