Modern Dating Etiquette: Getting A Grip on How Things Have Changed

modern dating

Things have likely changed since you were last single. Some find it challenging to understand the world of modern dating, which makes things even more frustrating and difficult for a newly single person. Modern dating etiquette is required but you don’t get a second chance in some cases, so here’s how to feel confident about getting back out there.

Day Dates Are the New Black

Why commit to hours worth of dinner and movies when you could briefly meet for coffee with a potential? Day dates make a lot of sense and feel more casual, which is especially relaxing for those who are newly single or meeting someone from an online dating service. Don’t assume a ‘date’ designates a formal outing. Day dates are befitting for first-time meetups.

Don’t Label Each Other

Is he a friend or is she your future wife? No one knows so there is no use in wracking your brain. Enjoy time together and don’t use labels to define what you’re feeling. If you want to be together, then you will try and do so. Otherwise, you may find that there is no flame but you’ve stumbled upon a new friend. Labels only build pressure and make things feel unnatural.

Dress the Part

You may be a casual person, but you shouldn’t go out looking dressed for a slumber party. Take pride in the way you look and put effort towards getting the opposite sex to notice you. Save bulky sweaters and flannel socks for going out to lunch with friends. Most of the time, you need to look your best and dress like you’re single.

Break the Routine

Being single equals freedom to do things you have not done or could not do before. Take initiative and join a running club, go to single’s events, and don’t be shy about joining co-workers for a drink after work. Break a regular cycle and make the most of the ability to be a bit more selfish.

Choose Personality Versus Age

In high school and college, people grow used to seeing and dating people close to their age. In the dating world, however, it’s more mature to focus on personality versus age. You may think a person is too old or young, but that’s presumptuous and could cause you to miss out on a great relationship. Therefore, keep an open mind when it comes to setting an age limit.

Stay Safe

You knew and trusted your ex but you don’t know the extensive history of those who you will meet. Stay safe by using forms of contraception and getting tested for STDs. Go to for more information about safe sex. Some need to get used to the fact they will date people who have been with numerous sexual partners. That’s awkward for those who get out of long-term relationships and had just one partner for a long time.

Make it About the Experience and Not the Person

You need to keep a breezy attitude as to whether it’s a love connection. Therefore, chose to do something on the date that is captivating as to make the both of you forget about it being a ‘date.’ Make it about sharing an experience, something that could be done with a friend or lover, versus scrutinizing the person and thinking too much about romance (or lack thereof).

Don’t Stalk Online

It’s normal to grow curious about a person you just started dating and befriending them online, following them via social platforms, etc. It’s downright odd, however, to like or upvote every one of their photos or status updates. It’s okay to be their friend but it’s creepy to engage them too much online.

Be Cautious But Humane

Some are cavalier or insensitive when it comes to online dating or using apps. Adopt a thick skin and be prepared for some inappropriateness. The immaturity of some could spoil your outlook of all the candidates, but don’t lose hope. Also, be humane and treat others as you would like to be treated. That means, politely turning down offers and curtly responding versus ignoring genuine gestures.

Go Dutch

It’s more common these days for men and women to split the bill on first dates. Don’t assume the man will pay and a man should not be offended if a woman wants to provide her portion of the bill. As not to offend or make things awkward, decide on going Dutch. Even better, go for a walk and just chat, something that requires no fees.

Liam Hancock finds himself back in the dating game after a 20 year gap. My how things have changed in that time! He’s sharing his experiences of dating in the modern world where apps appear to be everything!

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