Mitchell Royél Opens Up About The Philosophy Behind His Fashion

Meet Mitchell Royèl. One of this years most buzzed about social media personalities. The twenty-one year old recording artist and model who currently leads a massive of following online with his seamless blend of self – help and sex appeal. With the release of his new music video earlier this week, we thought the time would be right to shoot the new king of indie, Mitchell Royèl some questions to get a better understanding of just how his fashion blends with his personal philosophies and his outlook on life. 

What are your biggest inspirations?
My obsession with sonic expression, sensationalism, heartbreak and self – help was really what gave life to my performance art. I’m so inspired by the greats, artists like Bowie, Prince and Michael Jackson. I’m also deeply inspired by artists like Oscar Wilde and Andy Warhol. 

What is your personal philosophy?
I can honestly say that fashion is what personifies my spiritual philosophies. Before I start any new project I always take a few days alone. I go into a dark room, do a little chant and then I metaphorically place the crown on my head. I’ve never been the type to wait for opportunity or for recognition. If I want to become something, I simply become it. No questions asked. I don’t need the applause or the recognition to get started. I don’t need to see my name in lights to visualize it. I simply do it. I like to think that it’s that easy for me. I like to think of myself as a magician. I believe I have the power to invent any possibility for myself, no matter how audacious. 

Fashion has always played a critical role in the creation of my performance art and my music. The fashion in my music video for Pretty Faces was inspired by my obsession with dystopian Avant-garde. Along with that I utilize the garments I wear as verbs to forward the story line of my art. 
For instance the vintage clown wig that I wore in the Pretty Faces video was used as a metaphor to represent the instability and sinister elements of the entertainment.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
My connection with my community hands down. I hate using the words “fans”. I’m really no different than any of my followers. But really being inventive and bringing together such an incredible group of spirits is what my heart cherishes the most. My supporters are my everything. I like to think that we share a spiritual connection.

Where can our readers find you online? 
I’m the most active on Twitter & Instagram. and are the best places to hit me up. Like I’ve said previously, I’m addicted to my supporters. I try and respond to them all, no matter what I’m doing, or where I am.

Take a look at the fashion in Mitchell Royél’s new music video for his promotoinal single Pretty Faces:


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