Misconceptions about SEO services that hinder website promotion

Search engine optimization of sites evolves simultaneously as search engines and, in contrast to the established opinion, helps web resources become really better. The days of gray SEO services are gone, and the search engine optimization market has become more civilized. But meanwhile, long-standing misconceptions continue to exist in the minds of site owners. Below, you can read more about some of the biggest SEO misconceptions.

As many sites as possible must be linked to your site

At a time when Google was still mastering the first methods of ranking pages on the Internet, one of the algorithms, on the basis of which the search engine made conclusions about the usefulness of the site, was to find out the so-called popularity by measuring the number of sites linked to your own site.

From that time, Google has learned a lot from its mistake, and among other things, it is now much less about search ranking algorithms. They inform users just enough to help them understand the principles of search engine optimization, but not so much that black SEO services lovers can use this to manipulate search results.

Fortunately, at the moment, the situation is as follows – if a lot of non-useful, spam, low-quality links lead to your site, then most likely the search engine will place your site very low in the results of pages (you may not even dream of the top 100), because such links only harm your site. However, Google treats useful, relevant links in a completely different way.

The search engine is big probably he knows better

Interesting that exactly the same problems can occur on sites for those who do not perceive SEO services as a war with search engines, but, on the contrary, overly trust them.

  • For example, sitemap.xml provides only one additional entry point for robots to the site. It cannot compensate for conversion curves for large sites and other disadvantages that get in the way of indexing.
  • The programmer has no time to bother with them. After all, search engines claim that it no longer affects. In fact, the title’s contribution to the rankings has indeed declined in recent years, but recent research confirms that it is still quite large. And without a thorough approach to internal optimization, people using low-quality SEO services run the risk of getting the same misidentification of the relevant page and many other problems.

Nota bene: Before relying on a search engine, you need to look at what is being done in the real search results and at the competitors.

The number of keywords is much more important than their quality

Once upon a time, many search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, measured a page’s relevance by the number of keywords it contained, which led to the emergence of pages consisting almost entirely of keywords.

So what do you do with these ‘important’ words? It’s very simple – you need to provide the user with quality information, and thus earn the trust of your audience. If you can do this, your search engine rankings will only grow.

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The price of SEO services depends on many parameters. To promote an online store, in addition to rewriting positions, because in most cases information on commodity positions is taken from third-party resources, they still need to be optimized. It is also important to use price aggregators. With their help, you can get a lot of customers, but they require additional costs.

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