Microsoft Hololens, Are holograms the future?

microsoft hololens

“Microsoft Hololens could change the future of computing as we know it.”

What is soon to be released as the first wearable holographic computer, seems almost like a parody of Futurama to skeptics that question what next (flying cars?). Unknown to them, it could change the future of computing as we know it. Read the article to find more about Microsoft Hololens.

Project Hololens

On 30th March, Microsoft will unveil their holographic goggles, Microsoft Hololens. Project Hololens or, codenamed, ‘Project Baraboo’, is so tightly under wraps that even most people at Microsoft are unaware of it. This latest technology is brought to us by Alex Kipman, the same inventor who created Kinect- the motion-sensing best-selling xbox accessory. 7 years in progress, Kipman emphasises how much further the project still has left to go.

microsoft hololens, holograms


The future of computing

Kipman explains that our current computing habits rely on a screen in which cyberspace exists in a digital format. It is intangible. The future of computing will be brought into the physical world, becoming much more hands-on and voice-activated. Cyberspace will become reality as computer programmes expand their data storage.

The prototype includes a camera that spans 120 by 120 degrees which senses the hands even when they are fully outstretched. Light is manipulated so the wearer sees holograms of real-life scenarios in which they are part of. Kipman has collaborated with NASA scientist Geoff Norris to create a Mars scape and says once the project has been further developed it will be used for NASA missions.

The future of the project looks promising, yet it still needs to be perfected before it becomes commercially available as its only operating system is voice controlled. No keyboard equals no backup. There’s no doubt that the project will be a definite head-turner for tech lovers and sci-fi warriors alike.

microsoft hololens, hololens

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