Men’s Grooming – What a woman wants

Men's Grooming

Since the concept of the Metro-sexual was coined by Mark Simpson way back in the early 90’s, the evolution of men’s grooming, and man-scaping has come under increasing focus, and in my opinion is now a cause of much confusion among males.

So before you run off and trim, shave, wax or generally exfoliate everything in sight, allow me to share some insight into What Women want in their men.

To start, it has to be said that too many guys still pay far too little attention to how they look, smell and feel to a woman. And most spend precious little on grooming aides as well.

Obviously good grooming takes in all areas of appearance, your hairstyle, clothing, shoes etc  but for this article I am focusing on body hair, what stays, which areas you still have a say in , and what absolutely goes, if you want her to stay around that is.

One obvious place to start, (but one you guys simply seem to ignore) is to ask the woman in your life what she would like. You might be surprised, but if you ask she will almost certainly tell you.

What goes

Ask 100 women and 99 of them will tell you straight out that Back and shoulder Hair has to go.

You can suck it up and handle this by the waxing path, or if you have help, hair can be substantially reduced with a trimmer, before regular removal with an electric razor. For this purpose the best electric shaver comes from Skullshaver, with a specially designed grip to allow you to use it on the head, the back of your neck, shoulders, back etc if you choose to go down that path.

mens grooming


Next, is ear and Nasal hair, dead easy to manage with an inexpensive ear and nose trimmer.

Don’t forget to trim down those dominating eyebrows, and no mono-brows please.

What Stays

Chest hair (unless it’s a massive forest), remains a sign of masculinity and virility so leave it alone guys.



Now this is one place to ask her, but for me I really don’t want a guy who is bald down there. I see no problem in a little trimming for both cleanliness and appearance, but I really don’t want to be wondering which of us has the better wax job.

Your Choice (within reason)

Very few can get away with a massive beard, but your choice between clean shaven, a sexy three day growth or a nicely maintained beard, is your choice, the key is nicely maintained. (Unless she has a firm preference of course)

I personally don’t go for clean shaved armpits, arms or legs either, but there is common sense required here too, and that depends entirely on your lifestyle, and what (apart from her) you are into.

If you are a committed sportsman, especially in cycling or swimming, shaving down will be a necessity for you, and in that context entirely acceptable to me too.  Similarly if you are a regular participant in any other active sports such as football, where heavy tapping of joints is required to avoid injury, then shaving makes sense and I am fine with that.

Beyond that I say natural coverage on arms and legs is just fine.

Those are my preferences, hers may vary, but if you are still on the market I think these tips will set you on the right path.

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