Mens Clothing to Maximize the Impact of the First Impression

You want to get out there, make a statement and show the world you are confident and successful, but you don’t know a thing about fashion? What do you do? The trick to making sure the mens clothing you choose makes the statement you desire is determining what you want your clothes to say about you. Are you modern and sophisticated, comfortable and classic, or a little free spirited? All of these things can be revealed by your color, pattern and style choices.

Even a fine business suit, when paired with a high quality pair of cowboy boots can create an entirely different picture of your personality than when the same suit is worn with a pair of black polished Italian leather dress shoes. The boot is more free spirited, more fun and shows you have a casual streak underneath even though you now how to dress appropriately for an occasion. The Italian leather says you care about your appearance and are not afraid to dress things up when it is appropriate. Both should be clean and shiny, well cared for and high quality. It is never a good idea to wear dirty or old cowboy boots with a dress suit unless you are trying to tell the world you really could care less about looking the part. It has been said: “shoes make the man” there may be a little truth to this statement.

Mens clothing is important, don’t ever let anyone make you believe otherwise. First impressions are lasting ones, and often the only chance you get if you don’t put your best face forward. You don’t have to be someone your not, but there is nothing wrong with being the best you. Besides, dressing nice will never hurt your image. “Wow he cleans up good” is one of the most wonderful comments a man can hear when learning to dress with style that is appropriate for the activities he is participating in. There is no need to dress for success when going camping, but a job interview is an entirely different story. When you look in the mirror ask yourself what you would say about the man you see if he was walking down the street. What would be your first thoughts about his status in life, his job, his abilities.

Statistics have shown that people who look successful are perceived to be more wealthy, smarter, more intelligent, more capable, more attractive, and a better mate, even if none of these are true. The power of perception is tremendous. It should be wonderful to know you have control over how others see you to some extent and it may be as simple as a nice pair of shoes and a decent jacket, shirt, or pair of slacks. Put it all together and the bottom line is that if you want to change how people see you, a great place to start is your wardrobe.

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