melomys affordable sustainable made clothing

Sustainable fashion is a story of conscious shopping, setting priorities and making choices. No fashion brand is one hundred percent perfect, but one label already strives more sincerely than the other to work honestly and ecologically. One of these labels are melomys (, is a California-based online apparel store that plants 5 trees for every purchase. Their company is named in honor of the Bramble Cay melomys, the first species declared extinct due to human-caused climate change.

In the past, clothing was made by hand and was meant to last for many years. The cost was many times higher than today. With globalization and high demand for clothes, more and more, cheaper clothes are being made. Garments that sometimes only last a few times, and often do not survive the first wash. This is the fast fashion in which major brands participate fully. Some brands have thousands of new pieces on their shelves every week! This also creates a lot of surpluses, and fashion thus becomes a disposable item. Melomys makes every product to order so that they don’t contribute to the massive overproduction and waste that is characteristic of the fashion industry.

Opting for good quality sustainable and fair clothing is a better choice. Your clothes will last longer, there will be less waste and you will be more careful with raw materials. Melomys is a mission-first business. They have committed to donating 30% of profits to environmental organizations that have been well vetted and have joined 1% for the planet to have their donations certified. In addition, they have a goal of planting 1 million trees by 2025.

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