Megz Fashion all eyes on you

We want to be a fashion destination for all girls who love details, inspired by high end fashion.

Megz is a fashion brand that gives you a luxury experience with products on a budget.

Combining cat-walk and street designs with an affordable price tag Megz Fashion has been pushing boundaries for the past four years for one reason: To bring you all the latest looks at a reasonable price. Our philosophy is pretty simple: Whether it is day or night, a special occasion or just a work day at the office – all eyes need to be on you!


We strive for the the small details which make the big difference between the most high street retailers and and the high end fashion houses.

Megz release new collections every month according to the newest fashion trends.


Just 13 years old, Miglena Kakanasheva, the founder of Megz, started creating her own clothes without any sewing and design knowledge, using just her love for clothes, endless ideas and enthusiasm. In 2010, only 20 years old, she launched her own label for clothes “Miglena Kakanasheva”

“I remember myself having only 50GBP and a small home sewing machine. I was actually sewing on my own. Hahaha,you do not want to see these first clothes!Remembers Miglena.

One year later the label MEGZ was created.

„We were sewing our clothes in other fashion houses’ factories. It was a very problematic period because I did not have enough money to open our own factory and the other factories just did not understand my quality and style expectations”.

In the beginning of 2012 MEGZ’ own factory started working.

Now Megz is one of the fastest growing European fashion brands. The company owns a warehouse in the UK and it is expanding to the USA.

We want to be a fashion destination for all girls who love details, inspired by high end fashion. We are responsible for bringing all eyes on you. This is Megz – a luxury product experience on a budget. 


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