Meet 5 Robots Who Will Do Home Chores for You

robot lawn mowers,

It’s a rare person who claims that they genuinely enjoy doing chores. But chores need to be done, or else your home will end up dirty and disgusting. Some chores are worse than others, like scooping the cat’s litter or scrubbing the grates of your grill. Luckily, there are a few robots out there who will happily take on the most unpleasant home chores for you.

Robot Lawn Mowers

Avoiding mowing the lawn just makes the problem worse, as the grass will get so tall you’ll risk damaging the lawn when you cut it. Thankfully, you can now outsource that task to a robot who will do the job without complaint. Robot lawn mowers will mow a pre-defined area of the grass on a schedule you set in advance. They aren’t inexpensive, but if you really hate cutting the grass, these robotic devices can be well worth their sticker price.

Robot Litter Scoopers

The most difficult part of using a robotic cat litter box might be getting your cat to use it. The robots look an egg-shaped spaceship and might terrify or confuse more timid cats. After your cat does use the robo-litter box, it automatically sifts the litter from any waste, depositing the waste into a drawer below. You’re still responsible for emptying the drawer when it fills up, but you’re off the hook when it comes to daily scooping.


Robot vacuums are the original home robots. For years now, they’ve been keeping people’s floors spic and span. The concept of robo-vacuums is similar to the concept of robot lawn mowers. You define the area you want the vacuum to clean and program it to vacuum on a specific schedule. The trend-setting vacuum market has also grown in recent years with the best robot vacuums able to carry out sophisticated and advanced tasks. Now, you can get robots that will scrub floors, polish hardwood floors and vacuum up dirt and debris.

Robot Grill Cleaners

If you love to grill but hate scrubbing the grill’s grates, a robotic grill cleaner is the tool for you. Robots can make quick work of the unpleasant chore, as they have rotating brushes that remove cooked-on food bits and grease.

Robots That Fold Laundry

You need clean clothes, but doing the laundry is a multi-step drag. Robots that fold your clothing for you take care of one step of the process. Some machines also scent and de-wrinkle your clothes, so you’ll always look put-together and polished, even though you’re outsourcing your tasks to a machine.

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