Matterlight lamp made by Swiss product designer Boris Dennler

The most famous mountain in Switzerland is the the Matterhorn mountain. Product designer Boris Dennler who is known for his unique pieces felt inspired and decided to create a table lamp as a homage to this iconic mountain. To create this lamp he collaborated with Pix4D who provided him the 3D model of the Matterhorn Mountain. Pix4D is the leader in professional drone mapping and photogrammetry software solutions.

Photo realistic 3D models

The Matterhorn mountain is captured by 11 drone flights that took 2188 pictures. Then the images are processed and transformed it into a digital 3D model. With Pix4D you can create photo-realistic mesh 3D models and share them on the web, social media or make 3D prints. With just your camera or drone you can capture an object of any size. From something so mall that fits in the palm of your hand to a big mountain such as the Matterhorn Mountain. Get your free trial of Pix4D software here:

Industrial design

Image-based 3D scanning, 3d printing and digital modeling are all increasing roles in industrial design. Besides simplifying the design workflow and increasing it’s speed it also lowers the costs of the design processes. Therefore it will play an important part now and in the future of industrial design.

Energy efficient lamp

The Matterlight Lamp is made of natural and high-tech materials. Such as local beechwood and the lampshade is made of translucent bio-resin. It’s unbreakable and toxic free. The energy efficient lamp made by product designer Boris Dennler has a white 10W COB LED that lights up from the inside.

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