Marriage in the Modern World: How We See It


The modern model of a marriage has made a big step forward in comparison with the traditional one. We don’t have to marry because our parents said so, because a young man is rich or because a girl is from a rich family. We marry the one we love and who loves us. Nevertheless, it seems that a marriage is a quite difficult thing nowadays.

Previously, experts warned all married people that the seven-year milestone was a serious test of endurance. Today, the crisis of family life begins not after seven years of cohabitation, but in three years. As the experts calculated, people divorce after three years spent together. The main obstacles to a long and happy family life are the career and children, as well as the changing balance of power between a man and a woman. Below you will find more detailed information and also you can read the article where are described reasons you should marry a Russian girl.

To get married? – Yes, but not now.

To date, the usual relationship “man + woman = children” is becoming a rarity because the average age of newlyweds is growing according to the statistics, but the number of divorces of official marriages is growing as well. And today, many couples simply refuse to marry officially because they believe that it is easier to live in a civil marriage or a guest marriage when both partners don’t have a number of duties. In addition, there are more people who refuse to have sex and especially to give birth to children.

Sex becomes the routine for spouses

Undoubtedly, the passion of a married couple can fade and both spouses lose sexual desire. The main thing in such periods is not to shut oneself in and not to distance from each other. Couples have to talk about their feelings, desires, and fears. It will help spouses to overcome the difficulties that have arisen and return joy to the intimate life.

Now there is a new form of marriage

It is the so-called extraterritorial marriage. Partners don’t live together. They just spend few days a week with each other. It is considered the potential most popular form of marriage because it corresponds to the fast rhythms of life.

A civil marriage will unlikely help keep a relationship

Civil marriage, in fact, doesn’t allow people to get to know each other better and doesn’t make the family stronger. In fact, numerous studies claim that the risk of divorce of couples who live together before a wedding is much higher. Unfortunately, dry statistics don’t reveal the true reasons. Perhaps such people are not serious about living together. Many men believe that the absence of a stamp in the passport removes from them any responsibility. It is easier to break up in the case of difficulties instead of solving the accumulated problems together. This attitude is maintained even after a wedding, destroying a family.

A marriage of convenience becomes more and more popular

Nowadays, a marriage of convenience is considered perfect instead of a love marriage. Most often, young women and adult men live in such marriages. Women choose money and social status, and men choose beauty.

A career first

The importance of a career is emphasized by many modern girls and men. It is hard to say whether it is good or not. On the one hand, it is good that people will be able to provide themselves and their children in case of a divorce. On the other hand, they can lose precious time and be left without a family at all.

A love marriage undergoes many trials in the modern world. Family life is a work where both husband and wife set themselves a difficult goal – to live in love. This is the hard and daily work of the soul and the hourly manifestation of sensitivity and delicacy.

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