MARION business maternity wear feel confident during your pregnancy

business maternity wear

Now and then, the question comes up: how can you ensure that you look representative at work during your pregnancy.

Business attire during your pregnancy seems a struggle for a lot of women.

Joy O’Renick, the founder of the brand MARION, searched for a long time for neat clothes for work and noticed that this is quite difficult. The clothing is often casual or very classic. And not classically chic, but rather a bit boring and made from low-quality material. If all clothing for pregnant women is focused on casual comfort, where do you find business maternity wear? Joy realized that good quality and fitting maternity work wear don’t exist, which is how her brand MARION was born.

business maternity wear

Versatile before and after pregnancy

Joy’s brand MARION offers a great collection of business maternity wear. She offers an array of chic dresses, blouses, and trousers. Made from high-quality materials in various colors and styles. Elegant dresses make you feel confident during your pregnancy at the office or at business meetings. The line also includes tank tops, nursing bra’s and leggings, all made of environmentally friendly materials. The clothes are versatile; besides office hours, you can quickly wear them during brunch, dinner, or other activities. Most of her clothes come with invisible nursing access, which is excellent after pregnancy.

Feel confident during your pregnancy

Some women have difficulty combining nice outfits during pregnancy. But if you are creative, you can still make many different combinations. Things like your make-up, jewelry, scarves, and shoes. You can still wear blazers as long as you leave the buttons unbuttoned. This way, you can completely transform an outfit and feel confident during pregnancy. And with a pair of beautiful, striking heels under a MARION dress, you can also create a completely different look. MARION offers style for both petite and standard length. Marion is a purpose-driven brand a portion of the profit goes to girls’ education and women’s healthcare.

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business maternity wear

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