Maria Cardelli

Maria cardelli

Scarves are making a huge comeback. They no longer have to be stored away in your closet just waiting for winter to come to guard your neck from the bitter cold. Now, scarves are for any occasion and season because they are becoming a huge trend as accessories. Maria Cardelli has the most eccentric collection of 100% silk chiffon scarves that are all printed in Como, Italy to bring you the finest grade of scarves you have ever seen.

Each of the unique print is an original artwork from the award-winning, British-Australian artist Sarah Beetson. As soon as you lay your eyes on a scarf from Maria Cardelli’s collection you will be able to see why Sarah Beetson is an award-winning artist. Her extraordinary designs have a punk rock feel to them that makes them standout from all the cashmere scarves that are out there.  The big sizes of her scarves make them versatile for any occasion, like the upcoming summer, and are perfect to drape over your swimsuit as cover-ups for those days at the beach.
Maria Cardelli
Another way that scarves are being used as accessories is by being decorations for your handbags. Maria Cardelli also has her own line of luxurious handbags that are made from the finest leathers and her scarves will be an excellent decoration to take your handbag to the next level. You can loosely tie the scarf on the metal ring of the handbag for a chic and careless feel. If you want to add a spark of sophistication to your look, you can fold your scarf into a triangle and twirl it over the handles for the edgy “twilly scarf on handbag” look. You don’t need to buy multiple bags to achieve a look. Just opt for one of Maria’s eclectic scarves to revamp any old purse into a chic handbag that people will lust over.
Maria Cardelli
As the summer music festival is coming up, you want to stand out from the crowd. Get one of Cardelli’s unique scarves and use it as a bandana to spruce up your look. Scarves are no longer just for old ladies or for cold days. Even the biggest celebrities are utilizing scarves as accessories and outfit statement pieces. (Think of Kylie Jenner’s Louis Vuitton scarf head wrap look at Coachella for reference.)

Scarves have been labeled as only being useful for the colder seasons for too long. They are finally getting the recognition that they deserve as versatile accessory pieces, and Maria Cardelli’s scarves just confirm this new acknowledgment. Upgrade your handbags with an original Beetson design from Maria Cardelli’s collection of scarves to push the boundaries of fashion to its limit.
Maria Cardelli
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