Manuel Dreesmann premium leather products

premium leather

Manuel Dreesmann is known for its high-quality leather products locally made in Barcelona. The bags and wallets are made of the highest grade full grain leather which is the best part of leather.

Artisan handcrafted

The printed patterns on the leather accessories are made in a special way. The leather is put under the sun in Barcelona and with printed glasses the leather will tan to a darker colour. There is no paint involved so it is made in a natural way.

High-end quality

The premium leather comes from the same Tannery that produces Louis Vuitton and Hermes. And the unique stud buttons is the same as Dior, locally sourced in Barcelona.

Limited edition

Manuel Dreesmann stands out for its high craftmanship and unique minimalistic designs. And although the quality is similar to Hermes and Louis Vuitton it’s still affordable. They are planning to work with illustrators and graphic designers to create smalle editions for the brand.

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