Makeup Tips for Every Bride on Their Big Day

Weddings are synonymous with photographs, the more reason why every bride should strive to be on the best appearance during their wedding. Whether you apply makeup regularly or only go for it on special occasions, you need to be sure that every product you apply complements you. Here are some useful makeup tips to make your big day memorable and flash-worthy.

Start a Good Skin Care Regime Early

There are no short-cuts to great skin. You have to put in the work for that marked exuberance. It takes weeks to months of dedication to achieve flawless skin and you need to begin a regimen that works for you early on. One way to get started is by having a facial every month, several months before the big day, to ensure your skin is in perfect condition for your wedding.

Accentuate Your Eyes

Everybody loves it when brides make eye-contact with their guests. They hope to get a hint of the bride’s emotions through their eyes. For a defined look, consider using Lash extensions. These types of lashes save time since you won’t need to apply mascara. For safety and the best results, have a beautician attach your lashes a few weeks to your wedding. Remember to schedule a touch-up session before your big day for a smashing look.

Comfort is Key

High-quality products like JJ Eyelashes can go a long way to guarantee comfort during your big day. You need to feel attractive and comfortable in your skin once your beautician applies the makeup. It is important to apply makeup in natural light to prevent over contouring and using the wrong shades for your skin tone. If you find what you see in the mirror pleasant, chances are everyone will. On the contrary, if you hate your look, you will be an uncomfortable and sulky bride.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water plays an essential role in various body processes. Your skin requires sufficient amounts of water to glow and achieve a perfect moisture balance. Nutritionists recommend up to three liters of water to keep your skin supple and glowing. Increasing your water intake a few weeks before your wedding will give your body enough time to flush out toxins and restore balance for the perfect look.

Go for Waterproof Makeup

Weddings attract all manner of emotions and before you know it, your mascara could be soaking away in tears of joy. To avoid making a mess on your face, consider using waterproof makeup on your big day. Use a translucent powder to melt-proof your makeup and help it last till the end. If you are afraid of the heavy ingredients contained in waterproof makeup, consider using a waterproof spray to seal your makeup for longer wear.

Every bride deserves to have the best photos to capture her wedding. With these tips, you do not have to worry about an unpleasant appearance or a dull face. You can let the tears flow freely and watch your face glow in the sun without making a mess.


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