Makeup styles to avoid at your workplace

makeup styles

“I believe that some makeup styles are perfect for a night out, but not good for a day at your job.”

Today we witness impressive, breathtaking makeup styles worn both by celebrities and by people that are not famous. Some makeup styles may suit your face lovely and at times you just aren’t sure what style is appropriate to wear at your workplace.

I believe that some makeup styles are perfect for a night out, but not good for a day at your job, so read on to find out which ones you should avoid at work.




It may look good on your lips, maybe your lips are perfect for it, but it has a large etiquette saying “DO NOT WEAR AT WORK”. First of all, it will make you stand out of all the other people at your job, and not in a good way. Also, your boss might have a blackout when he sees you wearing black lipstick. He won’t be able to recall any memory related to hiring you, let alone your hard work.

Use a neutral lip color – you’ll look amazing.




You should definitely avoid overdoing your eye makeup. Your eyeliner and mascara could go all over the place and you could end up with raccoon eyes! Or panda eyes (your pick)! In case you’ve never heard of raccoon eyes before, you surely don’t want to find out what it looks like at your workplace.

Of course, don’t overdo your eyeshadow, justchoose a shade that is in a neutral tone.

makeup styles




We all know makeup can really do magic, it can make an incredible transformation – we have all seen wonders it does. There are times when we can afford hiring a professional makeup artist, mostly for some special occasions or if we want to treat ourselves from time to time. But, to be honest, you don’t need to hire a makeup artist to give you a perfect look for your job. Professional makeup can give you that picture perfect look you love, but there’s a time and a place for it. Unless your boss is throwing a party for you, to show that your hard work was appreciated, wearing it in the office is way too much.




Remember that you’ve got to spend hours at your workplace and some foundations can be too heavy. Your foundation may run down your face and ifthis has never happened to you before, believe me, you don’t want it to happen. So I advise you to skip it, but in case you don’t want to – try a lightweight foundation.




Some of us love to sleep longer in the morning, so we have less time to get ready for work. Long eyelashes can make your eyes look prettier, but if you’re one of us that love spending 10 more minutes in bed after your alarm clock rings, leave false eyelashes at home and leave them for special occasions. If you don’t have enough time to glue and secure them with eyelash adhesive, they could easily fall off without you even realizing. The falsies can fall on your superior’s desk. And that is so embarrassing…

You should choose a subtle makeup for your workplace – you’ll never be wrong. And feel more confident about your looks. That’s always the right combination.

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