Makeup Removal Products or Makeup Eraser Cloth – Which One Should You Choose?

makeup removal

The beauty products you use for makeup removal often contain toxic chemicals and regular use of these products is a cause for concern as it can harm your long-term health.

The active ingredients in makeup removers are surfactants which help in dissolving makeup. They also contain emulsifiers and solubilisers which lift makeup, oily residue and any dead skin from your face. Although using makeup removal products are convenient and help in removing makeup, there is always the likelihood that over time the chemicals which penetrate into your body through the skin can damage your health.

Some of these are:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Used as a cleansing agent and can cause skin irritation and affect the eyes, lungs and organ system.

Cyclopentasiloxane: Used as an emollient, affects the toxicity of the organ system

Benzalkonium Chloride: An antimicrobial agent and preservative which can lead to respiratory problems and affect the immune system.

Ethylparaben: Used for fragrance and is also a preservative which can result in endocrine disruption

Makeup Eraser Cloth – A Safe and Natural Option for Makeup Removal

A makeup eraser cloth is a safe and environmentally friendly option to makeup products which rely on chemicals for a thorough clean.

They’re ultra soft, washable and 100% chemical free. A makeup eraser cloth can be reused several times which not only saves you money but is also beneficial for the environment.

Easy to use, all that’s required to use a makeup eraser cloth is some warm tap water.

If you use the corners of the cloth, you don’t even need to wash it every day. You can use one corner on the first day and then other corners on subsequent days, eventually moving to the middle of the eraser cloth.

At the end of the week, just turn on the tap to run a bit of hot water to wash the cloth or put it in the washing machine so it gets cleaned as well as sanitized and is ready to use for another week.

Why Use a Makeup Eraser Cloth Instead of a Washcloth?

A makeup eraser cloth is made from ultra-soft polyester.  It is excellent for sensitive skin because it is free from additives and added chemicals found in most cleansers. It can remove all types of makeup including foundation concealers, smear proof lipstick and waterproof makeup with a few wipes. It does not leave a residue behind and the skin feels fresh and soft after use.

The makeup eraser cloth is more effective than a regular washcloth because it has many more threads on a similar surface area.

This is important because it helps the fibres grip the makeup, easily lifting it from the skin. The cloth grabs more makeup without you using minimising irritation.

Since the fibres are also smaller, they can easily get under the finer particles of your makeup resulting in thorough cleansing. Makeup eraser cloth has excellent absorption power, so when you wipe your makeup it does not get smeared all over your face. Instead, it gets absorbed into the cloth because of the fibres which bind the dirt, unlike a regular washcloth.

Although a makeup eraser cloth may cloth a little more than a regular washcloth, over a period of time it can save you a considerable amount of money which you would spend on makeup removers, cotton pads, wipes and other items.  If you suffer from sensitive skin, there’s even more reason for you to avoid such makeup removers which contain chemicals which can irritate the skin.

The makeup eraser cloth is also a gentle exfoliator and rubbing it on your face using small circular motions will get rid of dry skin and leaves your face feeling fresh and clean.

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