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Make up classes and courses are taught by professional makeup artists and specialists who carry out the procedure for many years. Classes are focused to those aspiring makeup artists who want to learn and perform the procedure better than the rest of the pack. Attending these classes as a spectator and chatting with the instructors can help you to fully understand what the procedure is all about, from front to the back. Those who are currently attending make ups schools in New York City can come to NINA MUA MAKEUP STUDIO and learn more about the procedure.

What inspired you to start your brand/business? 

Most makeup schools in NYC have a lot of theoretical lessons about the procedure, which are unnecessarily. Our goal was to create affordable hands-on training. NINA MUA MAKEUP STUDIO is dedicated to helping the next generation makeup artists to acquire the education and knowledge they need to do the procedure well.  Our makeup classes are geared towards the aspiring makeup artists for the television, entertainment, film, and fashion industries.

Our primary goals is to provide students with the necessary skills they need to succeed as professional makeup artists as well as to provide them with solid foundation for the type of job they seek for. In addition, our students are not just taught with makeup techniques, but also taught about business, ethics, and professionalism. The school strives to help its students to rich their full potential.

What is the brand’s philosophy?

To show all women that they are can look beautiful. The skin must look flawless at all times and its features should be enhanced. Each face has something unique about it and make up can enhance that something. If women can make their skin look alive and nearly perfect, then everything else will go easy. Although the eyes and the nose are the most loved features by women, but for us the skin’s texture and shape of the face of women are so much more alluring. These are the reasons why the school is dedicated to bring professional makeup classes and training to students based on a solid commitment to professionalism, excellence, and artistry.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

For the last three months, the school has taught makeup applications procedure to 50 students. Few of these students got jobs at different fields including fashion, entertainment, and local television. Recent graduates have landed a job at Macy’s and Bergdorf Goodman stores.

Where can our readers find you online? 

We can be found at or When you visit us, you will discover why makeup classes are important. We are here to help you become a professional makeup artist and become unique from the rest of the pack.


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