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It is generally said that the basic human needs are food, shelter and clothing. These form the basic requirements for living.

However, human beings are social creatures who live in communities and are largely influenced by the socio-cultural practices in their environment. Thus, there is always that attempt to live up to the expectations of whatever is the cultural practice observed in that particular environment.

This is hugely what influences the fashion trends of the day and continues to make the fashion industry worldwide, a multibillion dollar industry. However, while fashion trends might represent what is in vogue or deemed acceptable, style can be personalized.

T-Shirts Generally

These are produced from cotton textiles and made into fabric shirts with short sleeves and a round neck. The name, T shirt, comes from the shape the cloth makes with its sleeves and body stretched out.

They generally are everyday wears and are especially worn during the warm weather periods. They are easy to wear, almost always not costly to get and are easy to wash.

What Are Customized T-Shirts?

These are made when inscriptions in the form of statements, designs or logos are made on a T-shirt. This is aimed that custom t-shirt printing online helps you in adding a personal, unique, and creative touch to your T-shirts. You can read more about it here.

There are many reasons why people, companies and brands do this. If you need custom designs T-Shirt Express can deliver this service. 

To Be Unique

Clothes are generally common; everybody dresses up, but not everyone is unique in their dressing. Thus, by wearing a unique, custom Mato and Hash t-shirt, the style is immediately different, and it creates that feeling of distinctive uniqueness in the wearer.

To Make a Statement

Making a statement on any subject does not always require that an actual, audible statement be made. Today, everyone can make a statement even through what they wear. A person can choose to make a major statement by having their message inscribed on what they wear with custom t-shirt printing. This could a political or social stand, an ideological leaning, or just an opinion.

For Advert and Marketing Purposes

Another reason why people do this, is for advertisement purposes. One can advertise oneself, products, brands, business(es) and concepts. Anyone the individual comes in contact with gets to see the message. The person therefore becomes a mobile advert.

This can be duplicated over hundreds, thousands and even millions of individuals. Each individual becomes not just a mobile advert but a brand ambassador who may be asked questions about what they are advertising. This can be very effective.

To Commemorate Events

There are various special events that one gets to experience or gets involved in. Think weddings, birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, deaths etc. Therefore, this branding can be done to commemorate the special events that may have occurred in our lives.

Just for The Love of Design

People also do this as an avenue to display their creative side or dispositions. You therefore get to see lots of creative designs displayed on many T-shirts just to show creativity.

It Can Make for a Great Uniform

Picture this, you walk into a restaurant, a salon or any business organization and all the workers are on branded tops. Aside from the fact that it can look good and that it makes the establishment look organized, it also gives the impression that they are a team working together perfectly.

It Never Goes Out of Fashion

The simple fact that it is easy to make, easy to wear, easy to customize into various designs and is an industry of its own means that it will be difficult to get rid of. Aside from people’s personal orientations, fashion sense and style, there will always be events that will necessitate its use.

How Is It Made?

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One thing about this branding and design, is that they can be done by anyone. For an explanation on how to create your own T-shirt design, you can read this guide article here: .

Just be sure to put the following into consideration:

  1. What Your Design will be about: Here, you put into consideration what your design would be all about. Are you trying to send a message? Are you projecting a brand, marketing a product or advertising your business? This is one of the very first things to think of when creating your design.
  2. Choose Your Preferred Color Arrangement: Here, you choose the color scheme of the design you wish to create. It is important that while doing this, you consider how your preferred color combination will appear on the T-shirt that it would be embedded on.
  3. Ensure That It Has Depth: Sometimes, it might be that your color combination, though good, might be lacking in depth. You solve this by ensuring that your design is not just one dimensional, this helps to add some depth to the design.
  4. Determine Where the Design Will Be Placed: One major determinant of this would be the style of the design. Another factor in determining this would be the purpose of the design, is it a company logo or just a simple design?

It is always best to make a sketch of the design you intend to inscribe on the shirt. This is because, by making the sketch, you move from the mental picture you have in your mind to a real life replica of what you had imagined.

By seeing firsthand the work of your mind, you are able to make corrections and adjustments to what you had imagined. You might even have to redo the whole thing until you get it right.

However, if all these will prove to be a bother to you, or that this is a job that will have to be done on a massive scale, then you can hand it over to a business that specializes in making Customized T-shirts. There are likely many of them around you.


There are many benefits to be gained from customizing your own T-shirt or getting one that a design has already been embedded on. It is fashionable, it is always relevant and it is cheap.

Beyond all these, it is a means to creatively express yourself; your views, your style, your mission or anything you wish to express.

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