Make a Statement: How To Make Your Home Look Like You’ve Hired a Designer


An interior designer is a really skilled job. To be able to take a blank space and create something stunning out of it can’t be done by just anyone. It requires a certain eye and level of creativity to pull it all together. It seems many of us can make a room functional or stylish. But it can be hard to get a room with the two together. That is what a designer can do, though. However, the skill they have comes at a price that not all of us can afford. There are certain aspects that we can all do, though. We can all make our homes both functional and stylish. Here are a few ways to make your home look like an interior designer has been hired.



Do your research

When it comes to designing your home, it needs a lot of preparation. It can hard to just say you want to redecorate a room off the cuff. It takes time and research. Look online at different websites, that will share tips for colors and what works well together. Home magazines are a great idea too. could be a really helpful resource too. You can save all of your ideas in one place. So you can create mood boards or bookmark the sites that you want to remember. If you find that you can speak with a designer, then you could look online for one of those too. Somewhere like could be a good place to start.

Use Texture

The color is important in home decor. Something that a lot of people forget about, though, is that texture is just as important. Think about an all white room, for example. Everything in there at first glance will seem all white. But when you break it down, there are different shades and textures. There might be linen drapes, a velvety cushion, faux fur throw, and wicker baskets. All of this together creates a lovely ambiance in the room and looks really good too. When you think about textures in a room, think about what will work for your lifestyle. If you have young children, lighter colors and soft fabrics might not be the best idea, for example. Instead, you’d be looking at leather sofas perhaps, as they are much more durable. Still creates texture in the room, when teamed with different throws or cushions.

Make a Statement

Many of us don’t like to go too bold when we are decorating or furnishing a room. But if you have too many insipid pieces in the home, it just looks a bit confused and even cluttered. SO mix things up a bit. Choose some smaller pieces. Think of a living room, for example. It could have one or two large armchairs that go right to the floor. You could mix with a smaller sofa that shows off some spindly legs. It created different height and makes a room look much better when you use a mixture of pieces

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