Maison Dasorine Online Custom Menswear Store launches on October 1st

Maison Dasorine, custom suit

Since I was young I always had fashion inside of me. I was always creative into the arts, painting and drawing. I was poor as a kid making paper dolls and also cutting up my Cosmopolitan magazines into photo shoots organizing what I would wear if I had the money.

I never grew up having nice clothes. I was a chubby kid so I would wear clothes that were bigger for me. I also had a skin disorder so I never showed any skin. Growing up in Abbotsford, the pretty popular girls were in mini skirts and crop tops. Oh I always wanted to be just like them but I couldn’t pull it off. I was a loner but had many friends. Often ate lunch on my own. It was my time of self reflection of the things I wish I wanted to be.

I remember a moment on Christmas at 15 years old. My step mother at the time gave me a gift of a tailored tailcoat and she said to me “Apple, you are a very stylish person but you hide your body all the time. You would be more happier if you dressed more funky like the person you are.”

At the time, I was thinking “That looks like old people clothes.. I would be made fun of if I wore that!”

She insisted I wear it or she would wear it. So, I wore it once to school and that was it. I felt funny in it, unlike myself so my step mother kept it and wore it. She looked great in it but I was too insecure and felt ugly and chubby to wear that.

Same year, long story short… She was going through some traumatic stress and committed suicide while we were all sleeping. It was the first time of my life I ever had to deal with death and stress. I eventually went to school less and less and dropped out sadly after being an honor roll student. So, throughout my life, I studied spirituality, religion and astrology because of this event.

So, years later still trying to find my way, I wanted to go back to school. I wanted to be an Architect and looked into several drafting and CAD classes. My parents at the time wouldn’t help me and I was too scared to take out a loan. So, I left the household at 17 and went to Vancouver to find my way.

It was a struggle, but I eventually moved in with my first boyfriend at 19. He was in the Film Industry and had taken Interior Decorating at SFU. We did several film sets together doing Set Decorating. I eventually got my first fashion job with Roze Marie Cuevas at Jacqueline Conior, JC Studios. By then, I had lost all my baby fat and turned into a fashion princess at 21.

The fashion studio was gorgeous and I was in awe at how beautiful everything was. She was a fashion expert and she was a talented woman’s bridge wear designer. The job didn’t last very long as I didn’t quite fit in with the girls. They were all tall, blond or the brunette Caucasian type. I call them Barracudas, lol. The ones that would eat your lunch and bully you for your lunch money. I remember my Client’s non-alcoholic champagne I left in the freezer bursted everywhere. And then I got written up for not showing up to a meeting. I felt that I was too under-experienced for the job as it was commission based anyways. I actually did some marketing for JC Studios and entered them into a Roxy Club event and won a free event for them with free cover and some drinks with a 200 people capacity. The email I received never reached the company. So, Roze Marie’s husband which was her manager didn’t believe me. This was a time when the internet was there but still new. So, after that, I never returned there and gave me this sad feeling of the fashion industry.

I had many jobs after that including an independent contractor for this company called Absolute Advantages where I would sell things you would find in a dollar store now. They called these Impulse Items which were kids toys and technical gadgets. I would go door to door and stand outside skytrains and malls selling these items. I got clever and eventually started going to the dollar stores and shops trying to get rid of boxes of items instead of one at a time. My team members were truly amazed at my techniques but all I was doing was wholesaling instead of one by one sales. I didn’t make a lot of money at this job and quite underpaid. All of a sudden, our boss at the time showed us a video. The video was a video of our morning meeting and us goofing around before. All of a sudden, the girl that was doing our accounting entered the room while we all left and you can see her pick pocketing our jackets. Now it all made sense that all my money was always  missing. I felt so hurt as she was someone that was going on the field with me and quite often I would but her lunches and gave her sales.

I soon after got jobs in various restaurants as a waitress, at Roger’s Wireless in cellular sales, at Merit Furniture in furniture sales and at The Brick. Then I decided at 29, I need a real career. So, I started looking at schools. I wanted to be in make-up so I looked at Blanche Macdonald as an option. I soon after applied with a deposit and then went to an orientation for make-up. During the orientation I realized I didn’t want to be that close the Clients and touching their face. So, I changed my option to Fashion Merchandising.

Oh gosh, my time in school at Blanche Macdonald was rough. I was  a mature student with a struggling anxiety disorder and I had to do all these oral presentations. I would shake and stutter during presentations. I remember one girl I befriended. Once she realized I was quite older than her, she started  ignoring me. It was weird. It was uncomfortable for me as we all sat together but when you are doing group projects, I felt that I was not wanted and that negative energy I felt off of her was so intense that I had to change classes. I felt like I was in a snobby rich fashion school full of young fashionable barracudas in training. It was a struggle especially some of the school staff was hard to connect with. Luckily I had very good instructors which had no judgment of character but did their jobs well.

After graduation, I received some internships at the FX Building which was a Fashion Wholesaling Business Center. I would steam and out away clothing for Horton Berner. I also had an interview with the company soon after and declined my application. I soon interned for Agency One from Toronto and helped with organizing their showroom. I soon realized I liked the concept of Fashion Wholesaling but no one wanted to hire me. I soon had another interview with this lady at the FX Building wholesaling leather products and outerwear. The interview was awkward and for no reason at all and she started a tearing up paper and throwing it at me. I left and started crying thinking I will never be nothing and will never do anything in fashion. I thought to myself, I paid and spent my time in school for nothing and no one wants me a 30 years old.

I then started a new job being a Primary Caregiver for a Group Home. This job brought me joy and comfort for 2 years until I worked myself to stress and started getting sick. I soon left that position and went back to fashion. Let’s maybe try one more time I said to myself. Let’s see if I can do Men’s Fashion instead of Woman’s.

So, I managed The Tux Store which I dealt with Formal Wear Rentals for weddings, black tie events and graduations. I styled and guided many men to look and feel their best. I had a great boss and mentor but still I was feeling empty because throughout my whole life I wanted to be an Entrepreneur. I wanted to be successful and help people achieve their goals. Soon, I started realizing their was minor complaints about fit of the rentals. So, I started looking into Custom Suits and their pricing. I looked at the biggest online presence for Custom Suits and saw that their was an opportunity that can grow in big ways. So, that’s when the star was born.

I started getting referrals to do some Custom Suits for my friends and noticed I was actually good at it. I reached out to a web developer and also my boss at The Tux Store. I eventually took over the store location and started an online store.

customsuit, fashion designer
My concept is that Custom Fit will never go out of style. The styles I have are up to date trending for runway and red carpet events. At the Design Location, we have over 1000+ fabrics to choose from and clients pick out their own look. I just style them and measure to fit. I let them know what will suit them the best for body image and coloring for type of event. For more wardrobe essentials and tips check out

Online, my concept and inspirations are the stars and constellations for each collection. Because menswear doesn’t have seasons like woman’s, we use astrology and the stars for names. My logo for my company is my star sign which is the 13th sign in the zodiac. Only a few people are these and born between Scorpio and Sagittarius. We are called Ophiuchus which is the Serpent Barrier. To me, the symbol is not only my star sign. It’s for those who are different and struggling to be part of the world but still will always be their unique own. Your unique own is the most beautiful essence and that’s why I love customizing each suit.

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