Machete reboot – M. Peleg announced the release of new albums and shooting the movie

The frontman of Machete band Yaroslav Malyi and their producer Mikhail Peleg told about plans for the near future – the release of several studio albums and making the movie.

Yaroslav, where do you get inspiration for writing new songs?

Yaroslav: I said earlier how important the family is to me. These people fill me with confidence, understand, and support me daily. My family is the source of inspiration for me. I believe that everyone should know the importance of such values ​​as love, sincerity, and trust. Every day we live should be remembered as special. I am glad that I can share my thoughts with millions of people who enjoy the creative work of Machete band

Mikhail, what projects are you working on with Machete band now?

Mikhail Peleg: At the moment, we are busy working simultaneously on several projects. I can promise that not only Machete fans will appreciate our work. We are looking for sponsors for the shooting of the new film and its presentation. For now, I can only say that we will present a new portion of quality music to our audience soon.

The song “Tenderness” undoubtedly became a hit of Machete band. The official clip has gained over 33 million views on YouTube and is still popular. Why, in your opinion, this song got such attention?

Yaroslav: I think the reason is in the deep inner sense of this song. My goal was to write words that would touch the hearts of the audience. And so that happened. As a result, we got a sincere and heartfelt composition. By the way, we decided to make the clip as simple as possible for understanding, but deep in meaning. Igor Shmelev, who was the director of the video, and Ravshana Kurkova helped us in this. These factors played in our favor, and the song became popular around the world. I am thrilled that we were able to make a hit.

Mikhail, what do you think is essential for the success of the bands with which you collaborate as a producer?

Mikhail Peleg: There are many talented, vivid, and memorable performers who need support. I like the spirit of the Machete band members, their perseverance, and hard work. Each of them is an individual, but together they are capable of much more. The key to success is always internal harmony, focus on the goal and clear vision of the desired result.

Yaroslav, do you have a personal secret to success in career and life?

Yaroslav: In my songs, I try to raise important issues. I believe that such concepts, such as love, life, and understanding, are inseparable. I hope our audience agrees with us and shares our opinions. It is an honor for me to write and perform songs for people close to me in spirit. I think the secret to my success lies in being myself and sharing my thoughts with the audience.

At the moment, the frontman of Machete band Yaroslav Malyi and their producer Mikhail Peleg ( are creating new songs. Also, they plan to shoot videos, work in a recording studio, and go on the world tour with new hits.

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