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We all know that when a person is out all day and their cell phone battery dies, problems can (and normally do) occur. Battery life has become a permanent issue for mobile devices and a headache for those of us unlucky enough to be left with a dead phone in a time of need. Mabus Tech, a Texas based startup, set out to remedy those situations with the LVX charger, a portable mobile device charger. The innovative charger combines solar power and wireless charging, unlike any other portable charger on the market and is projected to be a big hit among consumers due to its practicality.

To demonstrate one of the many possibilities for the charger, Mabus Tech had it put into a purse to create the “LVX bag“, which has a dedicated charging pocket located inside and keeps the same self-sustaining and wireless features of the original charger. If the rapidly emerging trend of wearable technology products continues it’s rise, you’re sure to see a retail version of this bag on store shelves very soon.

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wearable technology

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