LuxEvolution luxury, one of kind, custom Swarovski phone cases

When it comes to fashion and style, nothing can beat an original. Yes, it is trendy and hip to have something that is in demand. However, imagine having that same, much sought after item specifically designed and created just for you.

What better accessory to customize than one that you use every day… cell phone cases. Now you can get just what you are looking for with LuxEvolution. Founded by Brionn Anderson Green and located in Austin, TX; LuxEvolution skillfully crafts every phone case by hand, with the customer in mind.

Using only exclusive and classic pieces, the work carries a guarantee that there is no reproduction of designs.


You will never see the same phone case twice – each one is completely unique. Created with beautiful, rare and vintage jewelry and finished with genuine Swarovski crystals, LuxEvolution will give you exactly what you desire.

The meticulous process boasts the highest quality of materials and talent. Each case in handcrafted one stone at a time; ensuring a remarkable and stunning finished product.

No matter your preference, LuxEvolution will transform your ideas into the perfect cell phone case of your dreams.

With each case taking up to a week to craft, you can trust that what you are getting is durable and long lasting. If you prefer to receive a case sooner, you can also search the site to see the many designs already available and ready to ship. Since all cases are made with excellence, no matter what you choose, you are getting something that is truly one of a kind.

LuxEvolution is not just about creating trendy and fashionable accessories that help to make your life easier. The company seeks to motivate, stimulate and encourage individuality and uniqueness.

“We hope our designs inspire you and add a little sparkle to your everyday!”

LuxEvolution is first class in originality and an excellent way to express who you are. Visit the website at to get your very own one of kind custom Swarovski phone case.





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