Luckie Sigouin Reveals The Theme of January’s #ElixirByMitchellRoyel


Though Mitchell Royèl’s camp hasn’t officially announced the next issue of #ElixirByRoyel, word on the street is we’re getting it next month (January 2016). To get the inside scoop, we caught up with one of our favorite personalities from The Superhero Issue, Luckie Sigouin.

What adventures has Luckie (formally known as Maxime) been up to since being featured in The Superhero Issue of #ElixirByRoyel?
I’ve been traveling and building my brand. #LuckiesAdventure is about sharing the positive side of humanity.

Why did you start hitchhiking?
I didn’t want money to stand in the way of my adventure. They’re many negative stereotypes about hitchhiking, but my experiences have been positive. Actually, most of the people that have picked me up have hitchhiked.

Where are some of the places youve traveled recently?
I’ve traveled to Calgary, Banff, Jasper, Alberta, Canada, then did a little road trip down to British Columbia (along the border). I did all of Vancouver Island with a friend. After that, I flew to Europe in Milan, Italy, then went through Switzerland. I ended in Germany in Munich, then went down south. From that point, I flew back home for a little rest. After resting up, I went camping in the Gatineau Park, hitchhiked there and back and also took a trip to Mont-Tremblant.

Why do you think The Elixir by Mitchell Royèl has been successful? Whats in the secret formula?
I believe the magazine has been successful because it connects artists from all over the planet. It gives us a platform to be heard. The magazine inspires readers through the stories we share. So many perspectives in each issue, yet what stitches the magazine together is that we’re searching for the same thing.

What can you tell us about the next issue of The Elixir by Mitchell Royèl? Any ideas on what the theme will be?
The next issue is going to be about fame.

Luckie Sigouin was photographed by Jessy Deroche in the image above. Stream previous issues of The Elixir by Mitchell Royèl at To keep up with Luckie, follow him on Instagram, @Luckies_Life.


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