Looking at the simple but hard cowboy look, what do you know?

cowbow look

Speaking of the cowboy look, a lot of girls will say that this wasn’t a huge trend a few decades ago. And in fact, the cowboy look, although it has been popular for many years, its not an easy style to pull of.

image3As we all know, the cowboy look has different washing effects, and when you use different materials for the base, the visual effect will be entirely different. How to make good use of these differences is the key to the cowboy look to wear it the right way, otherwise, it doesn’t match well, it will be properly “work clothes” as a sense of style.

First, beginners, start with different colors

For beginners, try not to wear the same two pieces of the same color jeans, this complete set, will make people think of work clothes. And the different shades of two pieces of denim items to wear a sharp sense.

Two, adding the different styles but not too “casual.”

The cowboy look has unique attributes, when you are wearing it, if you want a more fashionable look, it should be appropriate to add some other styles of course, such as a pair of sexy high heels and an elegant chain bag.

Three, profile contrast, with a thin section

Choose a jeans with a loose design. Now the cowboy look has become more of a fashion item; you should avoid too baggy clothes when you dress up. For example, when you’re wearing an oversized jeans jacket, it’s better to match a pair of jeans fit better than a loose boyfriend.

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