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The Versatility Of Remy Hair Extensions

We live in a post-modern world that provides everything at our fingertips how we want it, when we want it. This has its ups and downs. While it means individuals have more opportunity to truly express themselves than ever before, it also means people can get a sort of sensory overload that ultimately restricts purest expression.

Sometimes you want to feel sexy, big, larger-than-life, and desirable; but you’re not able to because hair doesn’t grow in accordance with predilections. It grows as fast as it grows, and no faster. If you had it to your waist, cut it in a pixie style that’s convenient and manageable, then feel like being big and larger-than-life, good luck.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got it long and want a break from the weight of it as it pulls on the back of your head, the only way is to chop it all off. This may not be convenient. The solution comes in the form of hair extensions designed in a fashion today characterized by the word “Remy”.

Remy extensions don’t use acid to wash the cuticle away from donated hair. Real human hair is woven together into weaves, extensions, and wigs. Because they haven’t been acid-washed, the ultimate result is hair that bounces as hair should, because it’s got the right weight to it. Additionally, light reacts differently to it.

The “cuticle” of the hair is basically a term which defines a certain scaling. It’s fascinating when you get into it. The scales are cells which have solidified at a very small level. The end result is remarkably similar to a tiled roof. Now this gets compromised over time. The acid wash technique will make the hair last longer, but at the expense of appearing fake.

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Get A Year Out Of Your Extensions

With Remy solutions, you can expect about twelve months’ usage from a given set of extensions. According to PrissyLady.com, lace frontal hair extensions are specifically designed for resale—as the site says: “Every beautiful Prissy Lady Virgin Hair Brazilian Frontal Weave is chosen and handled with love and care.”

When you’ve got these extension options, suddenly you can style yourself as you feel, when you feel that way. You now have increased versatility in style, and can cut out some of the time required in managing your look.

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Fighting Chronos

It can take some real time to grow your hair out naturally and achieve the look you want. It can take years, and you’ve got to continuously manage that hair or it will devolve to dreadlock status all on its own. Straightening your hair is painful, it takes a long while, and you’ve got to spend a lot of time doing it every day. It can take hours.

Think about this: if you spent only twenty minutes a day doing your hair, that’s one hundred and forty hours a week, or 2.3 hours. In a month, you waste 13.2 hours doing your hair. That’s 158.4 hours a year, or about an entire month’s worth of time at the office. Can you believe that? You spend nearly four paychecks every year just straightening your hair.

For that money you can get Remy human hair weaves and extensions that cover your entire head, and several times over. The time you save alone makes hair extensions a worthwhile investment; and this doesn’t take into account the sexy, stylish possibilities you become able to take advantage of after the fact. If you’ve never considered hair extensions, it turns out there are many positives folks fail to take into consideration.

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