London Fashion Week Runway Vibes

London fashion week

The runways of London have been packed with great names, as always. Burberry was there, as well as now iconic Erdem; Alexa Chung made her London fashion debut and even Victoria Beckham was here with a collection of her own. Other names include Mary Katrantzou and Simone Rocha, and today we’re about to dive in and see what the biggest names in not only the British but global fashion scene had to say during this fashion week, so stay tuned as things are always interesting and quirky in London.

Let’s begin with the debutant

London fashion week, Burberry

This isn’t Chung’s first collection, but it is her debut in London, her home place which makes the show all the more significant to her. The collection itself offered plenty of variety, although it was quite subdued and highly wearable at the same time. The quirky elements were the ones imbued with pokes of humor such as the jelly sandals with crystal pins worn with schoolboy ankle socks, so the next time you have second thoughts about rocking your classic and trendy Birkenstock Arizona sandals, definitely give it a go, just make the socks sparkly if the shoes aren’t. The collection was quite all-encompassing, featuring everything from overalls, and simple dress shirts for an everyday woman, to sheer ruffled dresses for the more daring ones. Slip dresses as well as chic burnt orange satin dresses took center stage, perfect for any party or formal occasion, and of course, the white power suit made an appearance as well. It’s safe to say Chung created a line that can accommodate the needs of every woman and each aspect of her lifestyle, so you could essentially purchase the entire collection and have something to wear wherever you’re going. The collection is quite simple and nonchalant, as Chung herself, but that’s the where the charm and the wearability lie.

Iconic and historic

London fashion week

It was interesting to find out that Erdem’s spring collection was inspired by ‘Stella and Fanny, who in fact were Frederick Park and Ernest Boulton, who lived as women in the 1860s’. Cross-dressing heavily influenced the collection as can be seen on the models. The cuts are feminine yet masculine at the same time, and our guess is that the veils serve as a hiding element as to not reveal the gender of the model, since the entire collection was about hiding in plain sight. However, the fact that this is a signature Erdem can be spotted from miles away by the combination of bright colors and black floral elements, a theme that followed the line through all kinds of dresses, suits, and even coats. Needless to say, the collection and the color palette were absolutely sublime and we wish we could be adorned in yellow, blue and purple with murkiness every single day of our lives.

Rich and voluminous

London fashion week

The big roses on voluminous balloon dresses, the big hats and veils, extravagant and opulent romance and a generally dark color palette mostly consisting of black and red elements market Simone Rocha’s collection. A few deconstructed moments made a presence as well, along with something that can be described as downright Victorian. The collection definitely is original, although we can’t quite put a finger on it as, aside from the veils, it doesn’t follow a cohesive theme, but according to the interview she gave for Vogue, the designer explained that she “was thinking about portraits of concubines from the Tang dynasty in the 16th century. I found a copy of one in a market in Hong Kong. We started playing with imitating the imitations.” Well, it makes a little more sense now, as this isn’t what we would call wearable per se, although some pieces could definitely be.

Love it, love it!

London fashion week

This is by far one of our most favorite collections so far. Namely, Katrantzou’s previous collections features a plethora stamps and banknotes, heraldic embroidered badges, interiors, objets d’art, gardens, insects, and more”, and this collection represents a kind of homage to all the previous collections but in a much more subtle and luxurious way. However, let’s let the models do the talking. First in line is this gorgeous geometric ensemble, which the minimalist crowd will certainly go crazy for, and the creation that has us head over heels in love is the stamp-inspired dress that simply looks so alive and sublime at the same time, you don’t know whether to put it in a museum or rock it on a Saturday night. The rest of the collection follows a fairly similar vibe, only the cuts of the dresses differ. There were a few elements of surprise like this supersized oversized graphic dress filled with bits and pieces of iconic paintings. The designs are abstract, opulent, luxurious yet wearable at the same time and we simply can’t conceive how she achieved this in the first place, but this is definitely the most inspired and gorgeous collections we’ve seen so far.

Closing with a classic Burberry


Although in the recent years Burberry has tried to speak the millennial language and appeal to the younger audiences, the brand never stops being true to itself. The trench coats might have been slightly simplified for the sake of variety, but worthy of a royal nonetheless. The dresses too were playful but modest and sort of regal, perfect for both the office and drinks afterwards. The signature pattern was of course, present, no surprise there, although the introduction of the animal print is refreshing coming from this brand. Overall, the brand remained true to its legacy, with a plethora of earthy tones, pencil skirts and elegant blouses. Nothing overly extravagant was noted, just a perfect collection for women of all ages and occupations, from CEOs to young interns trying to make their way in the fashion world.

So far we have to admit that aside Katranzou’s line and the always on top of his game Erdem, there was generally a lack of wow factor in terms of extravagance reminiscent of Comme des Garcons. London seems to be embracing posh and nonchalant elegance, which may not be as exciting, but the collections will be highly coveted for their level of wearability and that is definitely something we can applaud.


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