Living trends give your interior a makeover

Do you want to give your interior a makeover? And do you love living trends, but don’t feel like emptying your entire bank account to participate in those trends? Good news! With minimal effort and budget you can integrate these 3 living trends into your home in 2023 in an affordable way.

Trend 1: Nature at home

A popular living trend in 2023: color palettes and use of materials that are based on nature. Think of processing home accessories and furniture with organic shapes to the use of natural colors in your interior. For example, choose subtle earth tones or warm, natural tones such as moss green and warm terracotta.

We also see a lot of natural materials in interiors. Think of rattan or wooden chairs or jute rugs. And luckily there are plenty of ways to affordably bring this trend into your home.

Pay a visit to the thrift store. Wooden furniture can be found there for less. Sand them down and give them a coat of paint and they look like new again.

Bring plants or artificial plants into your home. Last a lot longer than the average bunch of flowers and are already available for a few dollars. Make it easy on yourself and choose plants that are easy to maintain.

Go hunting in nature yourself. Make a Christmas arrangement with moss and pine cones or give a piece of a branch or tree trunk a prominent place as a showpiece in the living room.

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Trend 2: Sustainable materials

The second trend in interior design for 2023 is the use of sustainable materials in your interior. Not only better for the environment, but also for your wallet in the long term. Think of furniture and home accessories made of materials such as wood, cork and bamboo. These materials are reasonably affordable, can take a beating and remain beautiful for a long time.

The use of sustainable, natural materials can give a modern touch to any room while creating a warm atmosphere.

Tip: take a look at cork floors! A super affordable and low-maintenance floor. And it is something different than a PVC floor or herringbone floor.

Trend 3: Multifunctional spaces

We live in an era of simplicity and minimalism. We want less stuff, think it’s fine to live smaller (think of the tiny house trend), but also work at home more than ever. This requires creativity and the creation of multifunctional living spaces in the home. This concept is all about creating versatile and efficient living spaces that can be used for multiple purposes.

By using pieces of furniture with multiple functions, such as a desk that doubles as a dining table or a sofa bed, homeowners can still create a pleasant space that meets all their needs in a small space. Saves you a lot of money in the purchase of furniture, but also in your monthly rent or mortgage (after all, a smaller living space is often cheaper!)

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