Living Life to the Full in the Cash Strapped 21st Century


The media is full of stories about the tough financial times we are living in, and more of us are feeling the pinch than ever. But life has to go on, and whether you need to make a major purchase, like a new car, want to get away for a week or two on vacation or just need some extra cash to enjoy life during the summer months, there are plenty of ways to generate some extra finance if you know how.

1) Family and friends

If you are lucky enough to have family or friends with money in the bank and they are prepared to help out, then that is always going to be the most cost-effective way of raising some funds. Of course, life is not quite that easy, and it can be awkward and embarrassing to ask. Also, this can be a surefire way of destroying friendships and causing family rifts, so think very carefully before going down this road.

2) A personal loan

One of the key characteristics of recent years is that interest rates have been very low. Bad news for investors, but great news for borrowers. Even if you don’t have the best of credit scores, it is worth checking a site like Resources like this offer bespoke loan deals based on the amount you need and your personal circumstances, and it might not end up costing you as much as you feared.

3) Flash the plastic

For the same reasons as personal loans are such a viable alternative at the moment, you can also get some great credit card deals. Banks are desperate to kickstart the economy, and that means they need to get people spending. Look carefully at the interest rates – many cards offer an interest-free period, and special deals on balance transfers, so it can make a lot of sense to take out a new credit card, particularly if you have existing credit that is costing you monthly interest charges.

Get out and enjoy life

We are only here once, so while it goes without saying that we need to manage our finances responsibly, the modern era provides plenty of opportunities to do so without having to spend every day sitting at home preserving every last dollar. So get out there, make use of the financial products that are available, and start living!

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