Live A Champagne Life On A Beer Budget


Isn’t it funny how some people seem just to attract money? It is almost as if they have a magnet which draws it in. While many people look and comment on how lucky the rich are, you need to remember that in life, you make your luck. It is possible to change your life and create a more luxurious bubble when in reality you don’t have the bank balance to match.

Firstly there are a few simple rules you need to have before you try to enjoy a champagne lifestyle. You must never spend what you haven’t got. Debt is not cool, and it comes spiralling up from nowhere. You also need to know that your lifestyle doesn’t define you. There is nothing wrong with wanting to surround yourself in luxury, just hang on and remember that what you have doesn’t make you a better person than the next. This lifestyle should be about you. No one else.

So, the first steps you need to take to create the ultimate luxury life (on a budget) is to think like a luxurious person. You need to fill each of your days with a little style and elegance. This could be something as simple as waking up in the morning, popping your rollers in and putting on your make up. You need to feel the glamour from the moment you wake up. Ok, so most of the wealthy will have a hairdresser turn up to their home, you don’t have that money, so a little DIY is exactly what is needed here. You don’t need money in the bank to look super glamorous by 9 am; you just need dedication.

You need to make luxury obtainable. So forget the yachts and supercars, define your version.  You need to think of luxury as quality people, experiences and things. Now that could mean that instead of lunch in the Ritz or dinner on a superyacht in Monaco, you head off for lunch in a local boutique restaurant. Go on your own but dress up, to create a little more mystery around yourself.  Surround yourself with people who also appreciate the finer things in life.

Enjoy the luxuries you do have. For example, you are reading this article on a computer or a handheld device. Have you seen the cost of technology these days! You already have a luxury item right there so show some gratitude for it.

Luxury is all about quality, and you would be amazed at how many quality experiences are free. The sun, sky, the moon and stars are all luxury; they just need you to notice them.

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Imagine this; you head out of your home with a bottle of prosecco and some chocolates you picked up at Walmart. You sit in the centre of your park, and you and a friend share a glass, sitting on top of a lovely blanket. What more could you want in life? You might think it isn’t the same as looking at the stars from a Caribbean beach, but are you sure it isn’t the same? Good company, a lovely drink, the same sky? Sounds pretty good to us.

You can still spend money on luxury items you just don’t need to be spending a fortune on designer items.  Check out this code from Coupon Sherpa; there are so many great deals to be found which could save you thousands over a year. Luxury tends to mean something which feels extra soft, extra warm or looks extra matte. There are many great cheaper alternatives that can give us those things without breaking the bank.

Shops like TK Maxx can help you get your hands on a few designer items, but switching it up with own branded things means you can have the look, get the feel but spend a fraction.

Stop thinking of luxury in a conventional way. We are sold a vision of what the champagne life is, and that image belongs to someone else. So create your own luxury and then live with that as your one aim.

We live in an incredible world, and those of us in the West have an opportunity to do so many things that over half the world cannot do. Appreciate that more, change your attitude to the day and remember, if your idea of glamour is a night in a boutique hotel room with a gorgeous bottle of wine, then ask yourself how to make a night on the sofa with a bottle of good value prosecco feel a little more special.

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