List of the Most Stylish Young Hollywood Celebrities This Year

selena gomez

Looking stylish and fashionable is not easy at all. Especially, when you are a celebrity and it has to be both part of your job and part of your private life. Mistakes are not allowed even when you are walking down the street with your dog or jogging in the park in your neighborhood. But, that’s a price worth to be paid when you are becoming a part from the most exclusive and most famous crowd in the world named Hollywood! Not everyone from this exclusive crowd can have the title of good-looking, stylish and fashionable celebrity who does not allow himself/herself to make mistakes that would satisfy the angry journalist who can’t wait to write their mean stories. In the continuation, we will see the most stylish young hollywood celebrities in 2014 who can proudly wear their crown:

Taylor Swift: young, sophisticated, adorable

taylor swift
Last year, this young country pop star has literally grown up regarding to her style and this includes everything: her hair cut, her clothes looking classy and sophisticated, her red lipstick that goes great with her bright skin and eyes. At the same time she can look elegant, sweet, sexy and simple adorable in every combination that she appears in – that’s why she can rightly be included in most stylish young hollywood celebrities in 2014.

Selena Gomez: stylish, elegant, sweet

selena gomez

Selena Gomez inspires her fans to want to look just like her, he won everyone’s heart with her style that is perfectly balanced according to her age. She does not try to look older, she covers up her body and looks amazing at the same time whether she is appearing on the carpet in a red dress or just walking on a street wearing sporty and casual clothes. Being stylish, elegant and sweet in any occasion, Selena Gomez is definitely one of the most stylish young hollywood celebrities in 2014.

Rihanna: a queen of fashion experiments

What Rihanna does with her style requires a brave heart, a lot of creativity and fantastic imagination. We have seen her in a million wonderful combinations, whether they imply her clothes, her hair, her make-up or her attitude. She can be super sexy, avant-garde, classy, modern – she can appear almost nude and looks at the same moment not vulgar, but sexy and adorable. This pop icon is not only one of the most stylish young hollywood celebrities in 2014, but a real fashion miracle ever since the moment when she appeared, no matter if she wears specially design dress or short shorts with minimal blouse. Recently she walked on the red carpet dressed only in a jacket and she was looking amazing as she always does.

Other stylish celebrities in 2014

There are many other young stars who introduce new waves in the fashion world as the most stylish young hollywood celebrities in 2014 including rocker girl Willow Smith, actress Jennifer Lawrence, Kardashian sisters, actress AnnaSophia Robb, pop-rock singer Demi Lovato, actress and singer Leighton Meester… Judging by their appearances last year, we can be sure that we will enjoy in a fresh fashion storm in 2015, ready for the young generation?


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