Let’s take a look at Luxury Cardigans

I love a bit of chunky knitwear, cozy cardigans and wooly jumpers, paired with a cup of hot chocolate and a winters evening and I’m in heaven. Something is comforting about the way it feels on your skin, even the look makes you feel relaxed, perhaps it just the fact that sheep and their wooly bodies are cute.

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t own a cardigan, I’m wondering if it’s the circle I socialize in or that a cardigan has become a staple piece in peoples’ wardrobes? Either way, a simple, well-fitting ‘cardi’ can give you an outfit that is polished and well put together even if it’s simply one that’s been put over a t-shirt. How you carry yourself will elevate the whole look.

When I had my daughter I couldn’t wait to put her in all the cute little outfits you see parents dressing their kids in, like human dollies we get to play dress-up with, she, however, had other ideas in mind. Queue the rolling eyes here.

She lives in sports gear, and I can’t blame her as my husband and I were both heavily involved in our disciplines.

I guess I will have to dress up the grandchildren when they come around one day and there are no parents to oversee, ha. If you’re with me, check out https://www.pinterest.co.uk/lizzykate215/cute-girl-outfits/ for some inspiration for when the time comes.

What is a cardigan?

You would think we know exactly what it is, but some people still tend to get confused? The difference between a cardigan, sweater or robe is essentially the front section.

A sweater requires no buttons or zips and is simply pulled over the head. A robe usually has straps that you wrap around you and tie at the front. A cardigan, on the other hand, giving off a more sophisticated demeanor, has little buttons down the front which you fasten as you stare at yourself standing tall and upright in front of the mirror.

The name came about from a gentleman by the name of James Brudenell, who was the 7th Earl of Cardigan. I was essentially inspired by the buttoned wool waistcoat he used to wear while a member of the British army.

He initially wore a waistcoat which had ‘tails,’ but when these got burnt off in a fire, he wore the waistcoat as-is and thus ‘patented’ the name of his jumper from where he was stationed. Read this interesting article to find out more about him and his achievements not only to fashion but for his country.

When we read high-end magazines and see the models dressed in polo necks layered with multi-colored cardigans we instantly get the impression that they have a luxury lifestyle, why? Is it the way they are fitted, the quality it gives off or is it simply the actual item itself that represents the rich and wealthy?

What makes for a luxury item?

When it comes to trying to pinpoint what it means to have a ‘luxury’ item there are 3 basic characteristics to take into account, the price tag, high quality and the aesthetic. If these 3 are met then essentially you have what is known as a ‘sort after’ item, not a ‘necessity.’

Having a higher price tag, however, does not necessarily indicate top quality, so be sure that when you are paying top dollar you are not only buying from a reputable company but one that practices ethical sourcing of materials.

Dressing well and having what is known as ‘key pieces’ in your wardrobe can set you up for success in any industry you put your hand to, the impression you portray from your choice of clothing can determine whether or not a deal will be made or a job you get hired for.

If this sounds like the statement you want to make, then be sure to check out amaioofficial for classic and timeless pieces to not only last you a lifetime without going ‘out of fashion,’ but you can be sure they won’t have fraying threads or loose stitching anywhere to be seen.

The key to Luxury.

Wearing well-made clothing is a feeling you can only describe similar to finding the perfect pair of shoes, in your size, the last ones and at a discount, it all works and comes together and you are on top of the world.

Investing in a few top end items and you won’t have to purchase new clothing every few months to ‘keep up with the Jones’ as the old saying goes. Better choices in fewer items is a far smarter practice than a pile of clothes being purchased for the sake of or for ‘status.’

Don’t be a sheep, make your own rules and dress for you, not society.

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