Let The Asian Lifestyle Inspire You This Winter

As we all look for ways to renew our style and move along with the seasons, we face a time of turmoils – social, political, and even economic – that calls for a refocus. The wealthier we get, the worst our mental and emotional health becomes as we juggle with everyday pressure. Therefore our fashion tip for winter 2017 is dedicated to all those who need to recenter themselves and find their equilibrium in a world in perpetual movement. Let’s invite the Nippon culture into our busy lives.

The Japanese Sense Of Fun

Alongside the futuristic technologies in Japan, we have been charmed by a completely different aspect of the Japanese culture that has touched us through famous characters like Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty: The Kawaii culture is changing our views of the world. Kawaii is the Japanese way of describing anything that is adorably cute, such as a blushing girl dressed in a pink princess dress or a bento box composed of rabbit-shaped sushi and smiling carrots. While we may not all be considering putting on our best Hello Kitty costume to go to work tomorrow, we instinctively understand the true meaning of Kawaii and what lies in this movement of apparent childish drawings and colors. Kawaii carries a message of optimism, innocence, and positivity which feels like a wind of hope and delight in a society where there are daily mentions of wars and death in the TV news. So grab yourself a little piece of Japanese happiness in your everyday life: A smiling rice cooker, a pair of kitten socks, a wig of purple hair for your nights out. Don’t be afraid to go big and wild: We all need a little fantasy!


Hello Kitty items

The Japanese Sense Of Aesthetics

Japanese have a sense of Beauty that transcends our western culture. There is an infinite passion for imperfect and temporary sources of aesthetics, such as cherry blossom which are celebrated every year for their impermanent beauty. This form of amplification of the imperfect is called wabi-sabi in the artistic culture. Yet, this rings a refreshing perspective to our society of modern perfection where many women suffer from the imposed models of beauty. Another form of Japanese art is the cult of discipline and practice, which is called geido. This is a concept that stipulates that when the art is a learnt process, then it has to be perfect, like martial arts or Japanese ceramic bowls for the kitchen that often tend to have intricate patterns executed with a precise agility by the painter.


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The Japanese Sense Of Health

The Japanese diet is one of the healthiest in the world. Composed mainly of fish and fresh vegetables, it has very few desserts and lactose products. Additionally, as a lot of vegan-friendly products were first developed in Japan such as soybean paste and tofu for example, the Asian cooking is an excellent way of changing your eating habits for the best. Good to note as well is the size of food portions in Japan compared to our western portions: They are tiny but they are satisfying. Tuning in to a vegan approach to eating is the best you can do to cleanse your body and free yourself from all the food-related troubles of our century, such as diabetes, obesity, and food allergies.


Vegan recipe, by Flickr

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