Lelasilk timeless elegant dresses for every occasion

Lelasilk is a timeless, feminine luxury brand from Hanoi (Vietnam), which is best known for its fashionable and sophisticated dresses. This brand has developed a very contemporary and confident style. With a strong focus on the modern girl who likes to go out, Lelasilk launches a new collection frequently, ensuring that the brand is always up-to-date. Lelasilk is a brand that attaches great importance to handmade fashion from the best silk quality.

Fabrics are sourced and sewn in house with their team of local artisans and designers who carry decades of experience and wisdom in their hands.With Lelasilk you can create a wardrobe that is suitable for any special occasion. Every year the designers adjust the collections for big moments in life and also for seasonal events. https://www.etsy.com/shop/LelaSilk.

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