Lehenga Choli designs the most elegant dresses

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Ethnic wear is here to stay and the Lehenga Choli is one of my favorite dresses. An elegant dress includes a long skirt that you call a Lehenga and a blouse called the Choli. The Lehenga skirt are usually pleated and you can wrap it around the waist.

Luxurious fabrics

If you want to go for a luxurious elegant look you will love this type of dress. Usually it is made with rich fabrics such as silk, velvet and brocade. There are different styles such as the straight cut Lehenga skirt or a mermaid dress. They are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Gold and red is a popular color because royals use it.

Perfect for a wedding

The dress can be worn during a special occasion, festive events or a wedding. It is a traditional outfit but still has a modern touch thanks to the rich and elegant fabrics. Designer Lehenga Choli online shopping dresses for weddings are usually colorful with heavy embroidery’s. The fabrics are diverse such as crepe and silk. Brides often wear this type of dress combined with bold jewelry and henna on the hands.

Indian wedding

Modern touch

Although the Lehenga Choli is a traditional outfit nowadays it gets a modern touch. Thanks to designers that want to give this traditional dress a different approach and the young generation wanting to wear something that goes better with the current trends. You see the modern touch in various Bollywood Movies. Instead of a blouse, you see actors wearing a tube top. Therefore, instead of wearing the Lehenga Choli just during your wedding you can wear it at other occasions too.

Indian wedding

Indian brides are very beautiful and their dresses very rich. Traditionally Indian wedding saris are made of sewn cotton, silk, chiffon and different shades of red or gold. These colors symbolizes purity. A traditional women’s wedding dress or Lehenga Choli that is decorated with beautiful embroidery, frills and rhinestones. It is made with luxurious materials and embroidery beads.


There are many different ways to wear jewelry. The woman wears a necklace that is inherited from her mother. You can also wear a gold bracelet, gold earrings with ornaments and carvings. You can also wear a ring in the nose that runs a chain to your ear.

Wedding chain

In accordance with the old traditions, the wedding of women is painted with henna Bindi a red dot on the forehead, the symbol of Indian married woman. The bindi can be of different shapes. For example triangle, round or oval.

Wedding makeup emphasizes the special depth of the eye of a girl with her eyebrows clearly defined hair. The traditionally stacked beautiful wedding hairstyle, decorated with flowers and gold products.

Indian haircut during the wedding

The groom in India also looks very elegant. Traditionally, tight pants with a red and white wedding-clad coat are embroidered with gold embroidery. Belting his beautiful red sash. On his feet shoes with curled toes, embroidered with beads. His head is crowned with a wedding turban of bright cloth. All this is embroidered with beads, beads, embroidery, glitters and sparkles. In some parts of India it has been a tradition of covering the groom’s face. These are some of the wedding rituals.

Bridal traditions

In India it is normal that parents are involved in the choice when choosing a partner. Usually a guy chooses a suitable bride with his family. This also looks at the caste and background of the partner. It is asked for by the women, and if the families agree, the final yes is given by the women. After this both families come together to make arrangements about the agreement, the wedding and everything that goes with it.

The date of the Indian wedding is arranged by a priest. The priest makes a decision based on the couple’s constellations and horoscopes. When the date is chosen, the real preparation begins. The location of the wedding is usually at the bride’s home, or a big place with the bride in the neighborhood. The food is an expensive affair; it is an expensive, extensive, ongoing buffet. The dress of the bride and groom is also very important. They both wear traditional clothing.

The night before the wedding

The bride is very spoiled the night before an Indian wedding, or the morning itself. Friends and female relatives decorate the bride with beautiful henna paintings on her hands, arms and feet. She is also covered with haldi. This ensures a clean, beautiful skin. Then she is dressed by the women. The groom usually wears cream-colored clothing with a nice headpiece. He comes to his bride at home on a beautifully decorated horse, with dancing family members around him. Usually the party has already started, and the guests are dancing.

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