Learning to Live Again After Being Struck by a Disability


It’s easy to take our bodies for granted. Our ability to run, jump and skip- even the ability to get up out of bed in the morning and get dressed without any assistance from anyone else. It’s only when things go wrong that we realise just how lucky we were to have a healthy body, and being struck by disability can certainly open your eyes up to this. If you are a veteran you can look into Stone Rose Law for advice. Whether it’s a medical condition or an accident leading to some form of lost function in your body, it can be difficult to come to terms with things. There are certain changes you’ll need to make throughout your life, here are a few of them.


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Depending on the level of physical disability you have, you may need to move somewhere more appropriate to your needs. This could involve an accessible apartment, or a place which has medical assistance nearby which you call using a buzzer or a button on a necklace you’re given. In other cases, a few minor changes might be all that’s needed, you might need to look into stairlifts or moving your bedroom downstairs. You may need wheelchair ramps installing, or an accessible bathroom fitting.


Just because you have a disability doesn’t necessarily mean you need to give up driving. It’s all down to what limitations you have, and whether a medical condition prevents you from being able to drive safely. In many cases, vehicles can be adapted for disabled drivers so it’s something to look into once you feel that you’re ready to get back onto the road. You may need to speak to the vehicle licensing agency in your country as well as your own GP to determine if you can drive and what sort of adaptations your car would need. You could also visit a local Motability dealer who can recommend what cars you will be most suited to considering your disability.


Being stuck by a disability may affect your working life. If you previously worked in an active role, or something you wouldn’t physically be able to do since your disability occurred then you might need to look for another role. You might be able to do what you were doing before part time, or your company might be able to find you something more suitable such as a desk job. It might make more sense for you to work from home if getting around is a problem, or you may need to give up work completely for a while until you’re recovered and well enough to do so.


As a disabled person, there’s often help available to you from the government to help with your daily living duties and other costs. These can apply even if you’re in work, so do your research and be sure you’re getting the financial help you’re entitled to. The cost of adapting your home, buying a suitable car, equipment to aid in your disability and other costs can all add up, so this can help to offset some of those things.

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