Learning Music May Be the Best Thing to Do during Covid19 Pandemic

All of us who are stuck at home or with limited social activities during the Covid19 pandemic are craving entertainment and turning to online classes for ways to stimulate their brain. Guess what? If you have a basic understanding of music or none, Hooktheory software and interactive learning materials may be the musical journey you’ve been dying to embark up but thought too hard to do.

Hooktheory, a Berkeley Ed-tech company launched in 2012 by engineers Chris Anderson, Ryan Miyakawa, and Dave Carlton, offers a stimulating and engaging method to learn how to create music using their software and interactive learning materials. Hooktheory teaches the music theory that underpins popular music, giving users the tools to write songs and to gain a deeper understanding of how music works.

As explained in its press statement, Hooktheory offers two products: an interactive book series and Hookpad, a musical sketchpad software application.  Hooktheory’s innovative notation and approach are simple and engaging for musicians of all levels, even if they do not read traditional sheet music.  The Hooktheory Book series is an interactive learning experience that walks through how to create chord progressions and melodies on guitar or piano that sound good together.  Examples come from popular music spanning six decades, like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, and Beyonce.  The companion software, Hookpad, is a musical sketchpad that provides a quick and easy way to write music and practice concepts in the Books.  Hookpad has lots of helpful tools for both beginner and advanced musicians, like artificial intelligence that can suggest which chords to use next, and guides to help construct catchy melodies.  Projects in Hookpad can easily be shared with friends and collaborators, or exported to sheet music or a digital audio workstation (DAW) for further production.

 “At Hooktheory, we believe that creating music is a powerful form of expression,” said Anderson in the press statement, “we try to take the mystery out of creating music, and answer questions like, ‘How do I create a compelling melody? And how do I know which chords will sound good with this melody? Anderson adds, “Hooktheory has developed a novel system of displaying song information that doesn’t require users to read traditional sheet music.  We use this system in our book series to deconstruct popular songs and draw lessons from them.  This differentiates us from conventional music theory pedagogy because it features songs that users are familiar with. Our users find it fun and engaging!”



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