Learn the Best Cuddling Positions

Cuddling is one of the most beautiful and sensitive things. Cuddles bring joy and happiness to our lives. Cuddles can make one smile and can even cure someone. Such is the power a cuddle has. It reflects love. When people cuddle, they share and release positivity.

You must also have cuddled someone at some point in life. People cuddle their close friends, they cuddle their children, they cuddle their loved ones People even cuddle when they sleep. Don’t you cuddle with your partner or kids at night while you sleep? Many countries have conducted surveys and researches to find out the positive effects of cuddles and the cuddle habits of people. And it has been found out cuddling in bed is very common and this practice is here to stay. And that is why here we provide you with details about cuddling and shall also suggest you the best cuddling positions. Also, we shall discuss a bit about the reasons why some couples don’t cuddle.

How Common is Cuddling?

It is said that almost two-thirds of people cuddle in bed with their partners at night. This is said to increase love and warmth among the couples. In an interview, many have claimed that they cuddle regularly and everywhere. However, almost 9% of the population has claimed that they don’t cuddle at all and that’s how their relationship has remained strong.

If you too are not into the habit of cuddling your partner then there must be some solid reason. Let us know why:

The Reasons For Not Cuddling

Below we shall mention the top five reasons why most couples don’t cuddle themselves in bed:

  • Many have complained that their partner snores which irritate them.
  • Many find cuddling very hot and suffocating.
  • Many don’t feel the need to cuddle. They maintain their relationship in a very different way. They feel cuddling is not their type.
  • Many have been long enough with their partner and have achieved a different level of understanding. They don’t feel the need to cuddle.
  • Many claimed that they remain so tired that as soon as they get to bed, they fall fast asleep.

Some other reasons that have been recorded are fidgeting, pets or kids sleeping with the couple, etc. So, if you have any of the mentioned reasons, then you should give it one more try.

Are There Any Benefits of Cuddling in Bed?

More than half of the people that we surveyed had mentioned that they sleep better while cuddling. Cuddling is the reason for many happy relationships. Below we shall mention three reasons why one should cuddle.

  • Cuddling improved relationships: While you cuddle, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone has been named the love hormone by scientists. This hormone has many magical benefits. It is responsible for inducing labor or helping in milk production for pregnant women. This hormone also helps in romantically bonding with your partner and forming a healthy relationship. Research tells that the more your body would create oxytocin the more healthy and longer-lasting your relationship would get. In another study, it has been seen that the couples with the highest oxytocin levels stayed together for a longer time. They were also much attached.
  • Cuddling Reduces Stress, Blood Pressure and Risks to Heart: Apart from boosting the oxytocin levels, cuddling also helps in reducing the risks of high blood pressure as well as reduces stress. While people cuddle, there creates a chemical reaction that helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases as well as decreases anxiety. Cuddling also releases the happy hormone serotonin which is a boon for your immune system. It is said that cuddling is much more beneficial than a nightly tea ritual. Doctors today suggest having calming tea at night for better sleep. But cuddles are much better than that. Cuddles release stress and that makes for a night of better sleep. It is also said that cuddling or hugging also prevents humans from catching a common cold. Whenever you see someone getting cold, give them a tight hug.
  • Cuddling makes it easy in falling asleep: The hormone oxytocin also makes it easier to fall asleep. Therefore cuddling in bed is the better position. Researchers believe that this happens because it suppresses the stress hormone, calms the body and the brain. So, it is suggested to always sleep with your partner’s arm wrapped around you.

Best Cuddle Positions

Till now, you must have been convinced as to why you should cuddle mostly in bed. Now, we suggest you some of the best cuddling positions.

  • Spooning: This is the most popular and favorite among the couples. In this position, both the partner faces the same directions and one hug the other from behind. Maximum couples prefer this position.
  • Half Spoon Position: In this position, one partner lies on their back while the other lies on their side thus hugging them. In this position, the one hugging can also place their head on the partner’s chest. This is another popular and common position.
  • Embracing Position: In this position, the couples face each other and keep their body embraced with one another. It is suggested to keep wearing pajamas while in this position for more warmth.
  • Hugs with Space: This is another cuddle or hug position. This position is for those couples who find it much hotter and suffocating while cuddling. They can maintain distance and at the same time keep cuddling their partner. They can hug at arm’s length while keeping space between them.


So, above are mentioned why cuddling is important or the best cuddling positions. Cuddling is an effective remedy to cure people of depression, for having a healthy baby, and as well as keeping your immune system better. It has been observed and recorded that premature babies who are hugged well by their mothers tend to get well sooner. That is why doctors have come up with the skin-to-skin method in the labor room. As soon as the baby is born he is given to the mother for skin to skin healing. Such is the magic a cuddle has.

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