Learn French the language of Romance and panache


Why French translation is important

French is a beautiful language which originated from the Vulgar Latin. Currently, it is the fourth most spoken language of the European Union, and an estimated 275 million speak the language all over the world! You may not know it, but French literature is one of the most sought after courses at Oxford University. French authors Voltaire, Baudelaire and Proust are among the most celebrated authors of all time! And now, you need not know French to enjoy their work because we are bringing to you the best translation services! Not only that, a majority of European nations speak French and often you may need French translators for business and trade deals. If you are a movie maker and want your film to be dubbed in French or subtitles in French, we are the service to come to.

Why should you employ our team?

French and English follow a completely different set of rules when it comes to grammar and more often than not, Google Translate churns out quite a few errors during translation. And direct translation with a dictionary won’t help you either. You need experts to provide that kind of detail. Our translation teams are teeming with professional experts with years of experience who understand the criticality of language translation. They adapt European Translation Standard 15038 and ISO9001 so that they can give you the most accurate and detailed translation! Technical, legal, medical jargon- we have a solution for all. We have separate teams for technical translation, marketing translation, financial translation, and medical translation.

Dedication and Qualification of experts

Pangeanic offers the best English to French and French to English translation in the market. Our team members are handpicked from a selected pool of experts who have professionally studied the intricacies of both English and French. And a lot of research and hard work is put into every work they translate.

Different Types of Services provided:

Technical Translation:

Since we have trained translators, this specialization is a piece of cake for us. We take part in translation for leading technological industries like Japan, Germany, and China. We have translated for most tech giants.  If you are in the technological line, we come as a boon for you by offering you the best French translation service. We will translate German, Japanese, and Chinese into French for you. And we give our word it will be fluent and precise!

Website Translation:

Most business ventures now have websites for promotion, advertisements, and sale. And they want it to be comprehensible for the maximum audience. In this case they need the best translation services so that the catchy advertisement lines and themes are not lost! Pangeanic is the best place to come to for website translation. Whatever meme or video you put up, we will make sure the translation does not take away the humor or catchiness of the punch. We will translate it to French for you, using the most accurate language so that the message is not lost or convoluted in the process. Also opening up the website to French speakers will bring you millions of new customers mind you!

Medical Translation:

We have separate divisions for Life Sciences and Medical Translation (certified by EN15038 and ISO9001) which work day and night to bring you the most accurate translations. Our research and development teams work closely with professionals from the medical fraternity- doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to bring forth the best translation and to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. In fact, we have earlier worked with established pharmaceutical companies and hospital chains to offer the best translation for medical terminologies and present themselves in the global market!

Legal Translation:

Our legal team is unique as we only select professionals who are trained in the French legal system and have excellent work credentials to offer you the best French translation services. The legal and litigation team spends hours in research to make sure that no one mistake occurs because, in lawsuits and litigation, the wording is king. Legal documents need to be foolproof as lawyers will comb through it for loopholes. Hence, for legal translation, you need the best in the business, and we are sure we will not disappoint you.

Developed countries like Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland have designated French as an official language along with a few other African countries. International organizations like the United Nation, European Union, and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation consider it as a primary or secondary language of communication. So hurry up and contact us, we are ready to place your work on the global map!


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