Leagoo Elite 5 Smartphone


The Leagoo Elite 5 smartphone is one of the newest smartphones introduced to the market and for it’s price it really is the best smartphone. Leagoo’s Elite 5 is gorgeously designed with the display of 5.5″ IPS HD screen, it also has a sleek design which makes it really comfortable when holding in one hand.

Leagoo’s Elite 5 has a lightening fast processor that is a ARM cortex-a53 which has quad (4) cores and is clocked at 1000 Mhz. With its swift performance and an elegant display this new design really beats every other phone in its price range.

Elite 5 is no doubt one of the best smartphones you can buy on the market. Furthermore we’ll discuss what comes with the phone and its functionality.

Unboxing of Leagoo Elite 5 Smartphone:

Leagoo Elite 5 comes in great packaging material and a well organized box. When I first received it the box itself gave a very luxurious affect and to be honest who doesn’t like good presentation. The phone itself comes with a Elite 5 manual, a pair of ear-phones, a charger, and a warranty card. In summary pretty much what you receive with all known smartphones.


Everyone wants to capture the precious moments at the right time, but  usually they aren’t captured at the right moment. Leagoo’s Elite 5 brings you Sony’s professional 13 Mp rear Camera which is blazing fast. You see something happening, as you take out your phone and under seconds the Elite camera is so quick it captures that precious moment right when you want it.


The Elite 5 has a 8MP front camera, which you can capture classy selfies of your everyday life.



The usuage of a phone takes up loads of battery time with charges sometimes being needed throughout the day when it is in constant use. The Elite 5s battery has an enormous 4000 mAh replaceable battery, which can work for days without charging 2 – 3 times a day. The Elite 5’s battery life is more then adequate. It also has a special feature known as LFC flash charge. LFC flash charge is a mechanism that when you charge for only 15 minutes it will allow you to pull off a 30 minute phone call, 1 hour of continuous music and 30 minutes of entertaining games.


Special Features:

Mobile Phone Power Bank:

Leagoo’s Eite 5 has a lot of tricks hidden up it’s sleeves. One of it’s key features is that you can dual charge, meaning your other secondary devices can be charged using your Leagoo Elite 5 as a power bank. Simply connect the phone through the charging slot, plug the other end of the wire to your secondary device and watch it charge it is as simple as that.


IR Radio Blaster:

The Leagoo phone also has a built in universal remote controller in the Elite 5 software which allows you to control multiple devices in your home. The TV, A.C. any portable controllers you have laying around the home can be controlled with your one device, the Elite 5. When I set up all the controllers in the house to my new smartphone it definitely got my roommate jealous, specially now that I had the “master key of control”.
Personally I would rate this phone a 9.8/10. The only reason I won’t give the full 100% is for the 4g LTE written on the top. Besides that the phone is a bang for your buck. The Leagoo brand is the best smartphone for its price and if you don’t believe me check it out yourself!

I purchased my Leagoo Elite 5 on shop.leagoo.ca

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