Wrinkle Cream

If you’ve ever used one of those applications on your phone that predict what you will look like when you’re old, you might have noticed that all they do is add wrinkles to the photos. Wrinkles play the most important role in making your skin look older and are the major cause of premature aging. Now the question is, how do you get rid of these monstrous folds?

To answer this, we would like to present to you Le’ Nubele’s high-quality Wrinkle Cream with Peptide 600 ppm that noticeably improves larger wrinkles on the face and neck!

The cause of wrinkles cannot be attributed to a single factor but instead, multiple factors combined together contribute towards them. These include both, factors from inside the body and factors from outside the body.

As you age, your body produces less and less elastin and collagen, which are proteins that reside in the deeper layers of your skin and keep it taut and firm. This results in the loosening of the skin as you get older. UV rays from the outside also damage and break down these proteins. As a result, the skin eventually becomes so loose that it gets drawn into folds called wrinkles. The internal aging process and natural decrease in production of proteins cannot be stopped. However, it can successfully be delayed and wrinkles that are already present can be improved using our special Wrinkle Cream designed to target study wrinkles on the neck and face!


The Wrinkle Cream contains peptides 600 ppm, which means that for every million parts of the cream, 600 parts of it are peptides. This indicates a very high concentration of peptides. It is these peptides that go into the deeper layers of the skin and act as precursors for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. As a result, collagen and elastin production increases and keeps the skin stable from the inside. This is evident by a noticeable improvement in wrinkles of the face and neck!

The next major cause of wrinkles is dehydrated skin. The mechanics are similar to those of an air-filled balloon. When the balloon is filled up, the surface is smooth and even. As soon as air gets out, the balloon falls into folds. Similarly, the skin falls into folds too when it is dehydrated.

However, you don’t need to worry because our Wrinkle Cream targets this cause too! It is highly moisturizing and extremely beneficial for dry skin. After daily application of the cream, you will notice improvements in the texture of skin and your wrinkles will become less visible!

Le’ Nubele’s products are all dermatologically tested and approved! Our creams are prepared in a carefully controlled and hygienic environment, making them free of any contaminants! The raw materials we use are not harmful to the skin and our products are lead-free!

The cherry on top is that our products are delivered with a special thank you note written only for you. This is to tell you that you keep us motivated to release improved and updated products!

Hurry up and purchase your cream online to eliminate those wrinkles on your face and nourish it from the inside out!

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